Why Visit India

Why Visit India?

The most unbelievable thing regarding India is its multiplicity. It has too many dialects, languages, festivals and religion and yet, people continue to interrelate in a sensibly peaceful way. At each and every turn, treading from one state to another, you will discover a different cuisine, tradition, attire and language, which is really amazing. Why visit India is the most common question amongst travelers when they decide to have a vacation holiday. Given below are reasons why visit India during your vacation trip. You can plan an enthralling adventure, eco tour or a jungle safari with its astonishing pastiche of background, ranging from jagged mountain peaks to pancake flat desserts. India provides a myriad of open-air pursuits such as an inspiring wildlife safari, a blood pumping Himalayan trek, a splash in the sun, an invigorating rafting trip in white water and tropical southern beaches with warmed water as well.

In fact, there is no loss of fresh air activities. Furthermore, thrill seekers can indulge in everything, right from kayaking, paragliding and rock climbing to skiing, scuba diving and even the new sport called “zorbing”. Game drives and jeep Safari is truly a brilliant way to explore the outdoors of India blessed with a striking repertoire of flora as well as fauna. Safaris like on foot, elephant, jeep, horse and boat are feasible in numerous protected areas wherein visitors can spot some of the most interesting creatures on earth including endangered animals such as Bengal tiger, India rhinoceros and Asiatic lion.

Birdwatchers should not miss the premier sanctuaries like Keoladeo Ghana National park found near Bharatpur, Rajasthan that attracts nearly 350 species. At present, India has more than hundreds of wildlife sanctuaries and eighty national parks. Regardless of sort of reserve or parks that you visit, making advance arrangements for safari bookings, accommodations and checking prime wildlife is always advisable. If you have longing for wildlife and want to capture it on your personal camera, make your tour plans to a number of finest wildlife parks in India.

India’s wealth of wildlife and plant can be best savored in its wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. Some of the well known national parks of India include Jim Corbett, Ranthambore national park, Kanha, Periyar, Bandhavgarh, Kaziranga and Gir forest. Judging from statistics, India has 80 national parks, 23 tiger reserves and 441 sanctuaries that house the prime number of wild tigers, one-horned rhino, elephants, Asiatic lions and birds in the world. India is also a treasure for shopping lovers. Since, India is popular for its jewelry, handicraft, textiles, stones, carpets, spices and many more things. In India, the art of silk weaving is referred to be one of the best in the world. visit to India and go to Ranthambore National park with the best game drives and Ranthambore Jeep Safari.

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