Where Is The UK Fashion Scene Heading?

Fashion is extremely fluid and there are so many different styles out there now that it is becoming so tough to keep up with the latest trends. Much of this is down to the internet and social media, people can upload their latest ideas and views with the greatest of ease.

In addition the celebrity culture of the world is also massively relevant to the way fashion has moved in recent times and is constantly moving. They are always in the public eye and need to show that their style is innovative and fresh to reflect their wealth and creative nature. In the UK,

uk fashion scene
UK Fashion Scene

London particularly, the fashion industry is huge and there are many of the world’s top fashion schools there. This has led to London becoming a hub for the latest trends and most creative styles, some of which are just frankly bizarre.

Fashion is a brilliant way for anyone to express themselves and there are pretty much no rules, you can wear as much or as little as you want and still gain kudos for it. This article will highlight where the future of the UK scene is heading.

Anything Goes

The fashion scene in the UK knows no bounds, there are so many different styles out there already and I can only see this expanding as the years go on. People have realized that there are no rules in the fashion stakes and they really can wear whatever they want.

So many companies have also latched onto this and they are finding the weirdest and most wonderful styles to sell because they know there is a market. People are progressively becoming more interested in the vintage style and charity shops are on the rise as a potential store to purchase from.

I understand that this isn’t for everyone and there are the more traditional stores at there. For guys out there looking to master the sporty chic look, check out the Adidas clothing range at J-Bees for a great selection of garments that you won’t find in the standard sports shop.

Fashion is extremely fluid and it is just down to you and what you like, there are no boundaries and the more you push the limits the better received your outfits will be.


I believe that the future of fashion will be much more formal, there are already signs of this happening today. A lot of guys are wearing more formal styled shirts on nights out and girls are favoring layers as opposed to the very few clothes in the recent past.


The rise of the hipster has been incredible and now there are almost as many “hipsters” as those “high street shoppers”. It is crazy the change that has occurred in recent years and it doesn’t look like stopping, these fake hipsters are taking over the young fashion world.

Looking to the future I can only see the situation becoming more diverse and more bizarre, people are much more willing to experiment and push people’s perceptions of the norm

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  1. Golam Rabbi says:

    Well Said. Fashion is a part of beauty.

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