Top Things To Do On Your Holiday To Bahrain


Bahrain is changed a lot in last few decades. One of the most modern and liberal countries in United Arab Emirates. Travellers have started to realise its potential as holiday destination. Being an open country, it can entertain any kind of visitors. Therefore, if you are visiting Bahrain for the first time then here are the top things to do in Bahrain.Top Things To Do On Your Holiday To Bahrain

1. Bahrain National Museum 

Museum was opened in 1988 and since than it has featured things that belongs to 6000-year-old civilisation. Most of the things on display belongs to Dilmun Civilisation that has close relation with Mesopotamia. On your visit to museum you will learn everything from arrival of Islam to the discovery of oil. You must see the items that represent Bahraini culture to acquaint yourself with the Bahraini culture.

2. Bahraini Fort

Bahrain was once a capital of ancient Dilmun civilisation and in the form of its legacy, you can see the Qal’at al Bahrain Fort. The fort has been declared as the UNESCO heritage site. The fort dates back to 16th century AD which was later occupied by Portuguese. At present, fort museum showcases the archaeological discoveries found in the vicinity.

3. Traditional Muharraq Houses

In the beginning of the twentieth century, Muharraq was the capital of Bahrain that worked as the centre of all the governmental projects. In last few years, these houses has been restored as part of cultural heritage of Bahrain. It is recommended to visit the local Centre for Culture Research that works as forum for people to understand the philosophy, art, culture and literature.

4. Al Fateh Mosque

Being as Islamic country, Bahrain has great mosques that marvel in architecture. Out of all Al Fateh Mosque is great place to visit. It also works as National Library. Foundation of the Khamis Mosque dates back to 692 AD, which is one of the most ancient mosques in the country. However, rest of the structure was built in 1990.

5. Dilmun Burial Mounds

At first this site may seem weird to you, as you go along it will fascinate you. This site is largest cemetery in the world that dates back to 3,000 BC. There are around 10,000 burial mounds. It would be a sight never seen before.

6. Water Sports

Temperature of Bahrain is ideal for water-based activities, which can be enjoyed all year around. A great experience would be to dive into the sea to find yourself a pearl. Aquatique Scuba Centre arranges such activity. You can explore the artificial reefs that are created to provide new home to the marine life.

7. Formula 1

Bahrain Grand Prix is sporting even that you want to be part of. Every F1 season Bahrain is on the schedule of Formula racers. More than 100,000 people come to Sakhir Circuit to witness the F1 race. Make sure you book your passes well in advance for the F1 race.

There is lot more to do in Bahrain. A mere small list is not enough to give you the idea what Bahrain is all about, you will have to visit the country. So just get your Bahrain visas long enough to enable you to experience the complete country.

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