Top 6 Pros and Cons of Wood Siding for Your Home Exterior

Everyone wants their property to look beautiful, attractive, and have boundaries. Over the years, contractors have debated the best kind of sidings to accommodate their clients’ homes’ aesthetics. Some say vinyl siding are the best choice, while others believe fiber cement is the best. Others believe that wood sidings are the best choice when installing wall coverings around the house.

When most people think of adding walls to their homes, they usually think of wood first. After all, wood is one of the traditional sidings materials in use to this day. Available in various sizes and styles, it can be painted or colored in a variety of colors to make your home look unique.

The Pros and Cons of Using Wood Sidings For Your Home

Wood sidings are a trendy and widely used finish option in Texas. Many people in this region don’t even consider other types of coating! As the name suggests, this is a wood product – a proven material known for its distinctive appearance, timeless and natural beauty.

However, there are many problems with wood finishes that cause by this benefit. Therefore, even though they thought of wood panels first, many people chose something completely different.

  • Wood is Versatile

Like any product made of wood, this type of wall covering can be painted or painted in the color that most appeals to the homeowner. However, this is not enough; Wood panels paint or repaint as often as needed. The versatility of a wood cladding implies that it is entirely personalized, better than other upholstery materials.

  • Wood Is Eco-friendly

We are when people care about the environment, and therefore anything that disturbs the natural beauty that surrounds it is strongly discouraged. When it comes to upholstery, wood is undoubtedly one of the most eco-friendly and eco-friendly upholstery options. It is because the material is biodegradable, renewable, and energy-efficient.

  • Easy To Repair

As we all know, there are times when owners need to replace or repair their siding, no matter how durable the upholstery is. The advantage of this siding material is that it is easy to repair or replace if it breaks.

  • Easy To Install

You want a coating option that is easy to install to save time and money. The wood paneling offers this function exactly. Of all the upholstery options, wood is the easiest to install.

  • Increase Property Resell Value

If you want to appreciate the resale value of your property dramatically, we recommend installing wood panels. Real estate investors find that wooden properties have a better price because they are aesthetically pleasing. Most home buyers know that this type of wall covering is relatively expensive when compared to vinyl or aluminum.

Cons Of Wood Sidings

  • Not So Durable

The question of the durability of wood panels goes hand in hand with the need for maintenance. Wood absorbs moisture over time. When this moisture is trapped or when the wood exposes to water for a long time, the wood starts to soften and rot, or it begins to grow and take up fungal colonies.

In either case, once integrity is compromised, the tree can no longer do its job of protecting your home. In this case, it is necessary to replace the affected panel, especially the one with mildew, to spread and cause problems in the future.

  • Swells and warps

Even a little moisture can sometimes be a problem with wood panels. When your wood absorbs water, it can swell or warp, and even if it does dry. Now you can have sections of the siding corrugated, curved, or retreated from other structures.

Layers of wood that are too close to the ground or lack protection or other protection are particularly susceptible to this problem. Wood planks and shingles that are too close to the floor are more likely to swell, warp or rot, leaving uneven contours.

In arid climates, the opposite can happen. The wood panels in your home can dry out until the planks or planks shrink. In this case, there could be gaps between the planks or cracks around your windows and doors. It can reduce your home’s energy efficiency, encourage insect invasion, and negatively affect its appearance. For example, the T1-11 coating is limited in durability and functionality.

  • Maintenance Issues

Most people don’t use wood veneers in their homes has to do with proper care. Therefore, it must protect from the elements to avoid mold or spoilage problems.

It means that the wood must always be painted or painted. And because stains and paint on wood surfaces tend to peel, crack, and peel over time. So you’ll have to scrape them off and reapply the paint or stain.

  • Inconsistency

There are hundreds of different types of wood, many of which you can use as wall boards or plywood. Tropical hardwoods have fewer durability problems or distortion but are expensive and complicated to machine and install.

Conifers are more durable, cheaper, and easier to work with but don’t last as long as hardwood. All of this means that if you’re not willing to do a lot of research, you may not know what to install in your home or what is best for your climate and needs.

  • Risk of Fire

The wood veneer is very susceptible to water damage. It explains why you need many waterproof sealants to prevent rain (or other rain) damage, which is an expensive process. Additionally, many wood shakes and shingles have low durability values.


While wood can be a versatile and attractive covering for your home, the problems that come with it often make it a poor choice. If you’re looking for something more durable with less maintenance and less environmental impact, consider fiber cement cladding. Fiber cement cladding comes in various wood shapes, styles, and textures. Make a better choice for your home with fiber cement and leave wood veneer problems in the past.

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  1. Zoe Campos says:

    My favorite part is where you mentioned that wood is one of the most eco-friendly options we could have for our siding. We currently have vinyl, but it had been really damaged because of the previous storm. Once we settle our finances, I’ll be sure to check if choosing wood for siding installation would be beneficial to our home structure.

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