Top 5 Car Technologies Of 2017

Technological advancements keep on getting better as every new concept is always greater than the previous one That being said the new car technologies of 2017 are exciting to car users as provide improvements in safety, efficiency, entertainment, functionality and generally great innovations. These exciting technologies that are being introduced in the market today will simply revolutionize the auto industry and have a higher impact in human transportation. Without further ado, here are the top 5 car technologies of 2017 that you should look out for when looking to improve your driving experience:

Performance data recorder

Professional and casual car racing enthusiast will love this new innovation by Chevrolet. The Performance Data Recorder allows drivers to record their driving exploits in different road tracks including highways and different off road terrains. The driving performance is calculated by telemetry software and hardware systems which measure speed, drift, G-force and braking. With a mounted camera in the headliner trim, the driver will have a clear view of these statistics as the whole event is recorded on an SD card in the glove box.

Nvidia Customizable Digital Cockpit

Every car owner wants to personalize their automobiles so they can suit their needs and preference. Unlike in the past when people would have to take their vehicles for a performance upgrade and cosmetic customization, the new Nvidia Customizable Digital Cockpit allows drivers to personalize their vehicles through pixels and processing as opposed to physical customization. Graphic chip marker Nvidia have come up with this Project Mercury digital cockpit concept which allows car owners to choose from a wide range of colors, configurations and digital textures for their dashboard panel which they can now change to suit their tastes and mood.

Garmin 2798LMT navigation system/wireless backup camera

When rearview monitors were first introduced into the automotive industry it became very popular among car owners as it makes it easier to back up safely. Although this new technology came preinstalled in new cars, it became quite costly to add the cameras and in-dash screens to existing vehicles. The Garmin 2798LMT portable navigation system with wireless backup camera is a much cheaper option to car owners. This waterproof and weatherproof wide-angle camera is mounted on the rear of a car and wired to the reverse lights, then it wirelessly connects to the portable navigations system’s 7-inch screen which switches to the rear camera view whenever the transmission is shifted into reverse.

Mercedes-Benz Pebble smartwatch

If you thought the smartwatch trend was only for your phones then you’re in for some shock. Imagine getting regular updates from your car through your wrist watch? Intriguing is it not? With the new Mercedes-Benz Pebble smartwatch you can keep track of the location of your vehicle, fuel levels and other navigation features. In addition you will also get alerts whenever you are approaching danger while driving.

Continental Bluetooth instrument panel

Smartphone features are improved much faster than automotive technology with apps such as navigation and music being better and more up-to-date that what’s regular in a modern dashboard. Due to this fact, drivers prefer using their phone features and therefore get distracted while driving. Continental Bluetooth instrument panel provides solution to this problem by getting information from the phone to the instrumental panel via Bluetooth thus making it easily accessible. These are the top 5 car technologies of 2017 that you should try out, have a practical driving test to see how functional the new innovations are.

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  1. Divya Patel says:

    Now in the year 2020 the automobile industry has evovled a lot. And many new breakthrough have been made. Maruti Suzuki’s new technology promises to perform various functions which lead to higher fuel efficiency.

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