Top 3 Adventurous Activities To Do In Bahrain

Bahrain is fast becoming a favorite travel destination for many people. Numerous changes in the last decade and progressive development has made it a popular travel destination. The country has many fascinating sites to see and visit, the attractions in Bahrain range from football competitions, Formula One races, running races and places to visit.

If you are planning on going to a place to relax and enjoy, there are 3 adventurous activities to do in Bahrain;

Touring Bahrain National Museum

Top most adventurous activity for you when in Bahrain is visit the Bahrain National Museum. It’s located near to where the Pearl Monument once stood until it was destroyed in the civil unrest that took place in 2011.

The museum will provide you with an intriguing and well labeled introduction to the sights in the country, it will paint a picture of what to expect from this wonderful country. The museum which is a walking distance from the waterfront showcases variety of things which include; beautiful carnelian and agate beads, burial jars made of earthenware and archaeological finds retrieved from ancient Dilmun. The museum also has all the necessary information in regard to the local history of pearl fishing. It gives information on boats and dhows together with pearl divers.

Visiting and climbing Fort Bahrain

Fort Bahrain is a UNESCO World Heritage site; the fort is a relic of former times when the Portuguese used to control the port in the 15th and 16th centuries. The Fort being among the many which were built in Bahrain were used by the Portuguese to control the trade routes they used around the Persian Gulf. When you visit it, you will get opportunity to climb over this ancient architectural master piece. Atop this Fort you will have great aerial view of the water. From the top of the Fort, you will also be able to view ancient ruins which date back to over 4000 years which are around. These ruins are referred to in the Bronze Age Sumerian writings surrounding the port.

The fort provides a very good opportunity for travelers to experience history first hand. With the place dating back to 15th century it provides a fascinating opportunity and awesome adventure for you.

Viewing the Dilmun Burial Mounds

Your visit to Bahrain would be incomplete without visiting the traditional burial mounds in Dilmun that date back to over 4000 years ago. The burial mounds site is said by historians to be one of the largest prehistoric cemetery in the world. It is also believed that it’s where the Garden of Aden used to be. The mounds are built of wood, stone, earth and plaster and were used as burial chambers.

Viewing burial mounds provides an adventurous discovery activity as they are laden with rich history on how earliest Bahrain’s lived, worshiped and dressed. Visiting this awesome historic place would be undoubtedly a memorable experience.

Bahrain is a rapidly developing country and continues to attract tourists with its fascinating places. The country being considered socially liberal compared to other Gulf states makes it favorite for travelers seeking to relax and enjoy since they only need to grab a Bahrain evisas and they can enjoy an adventure of a life time. Visiting Bahrain gives travelers opportunities to experience top most adventurous activities worth seeking.

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