Things to Do Before Visiting Uttarakhand


Devbhoomi Uttarakhand is known all over the world for its spiritual significance along with being one of the top destinations for outdoor adventure activities. Surrounded by incredible lush greenery and accompanied by the tributaries of Ganga Uttarakhand is every traveller’s paradise.

The place has found its mention in great books and has been visited by some of the greatest historical figures in the world. Even if you are going for a holy journey then remember to go through all the Char Dham Yatra Latest Updates. If you are planning on exploring this incredibly magnificent place on the lap of the Himalayas then here are a few things that you must do beforehand to make you holiday on the hills memorable:

Check the Weather

The proper weather can make your trip successful however an unexpected turn in the weather can ruin your plans. If you are planning on visiting the hills then you must definitely check the weather conditions first of all before anything else. The hills are the safest to travel during the summer months of April to Jun. Most of the pilgrimages also take place during this time along with other adventure sports activities like trekking, camping in Bugyals, rafting etc. be careful while traveling during the monsoon since the place remains prone to unexpected landslides. If possible avoid going during this time altogether. Uttarakhand in freezing cold season has a charm of its own. You can also visit the lower regions during the months of September to march and even go on skiing experiences, paragliding etc.

Route Maps

The state of Uttarakhand is well connected to all the major and minor cities and villages via a network of roads. It is essential for you to be sure of where you are planning on going before hand. Remember to keep a route map and go through it before the journey starts to not only plan your trip better but also to be sure of the right and the wrong ways. If you are going by your own car or bike then you can even take shortcuts and explore some off -beat locations and points that fall en route. But don’t worry the chances of you losing your way is slim due to the presence of signage and boards.

Accommodation Booking

There is no dearth of accommodation facilities available in Uttarakhand. From luxury resorts to budget hotels there is everything for people wanting to explore this magnificent home of the gods and goddesses. Make sure to book the stay option you wish for and go through the pictures of the hotel before paying. You can even go for camping stay options or even other unique house options like cottages and log cabins. For a cheaper option you should also contact the GMVN in the place you are planning on visiting. Whatever your choice is be sure to confirm your booking at least a month prior to your travel plans of Uttarakhand.

Necessary Items to Carry

Since you will be traveling on the hills you will be making your way through some of the most hairpin bends, rounding curves and high altitudes. You should make sure to consult your doctor and carry medications for vertigo, mountain sickness and motion sickness. These are some of the most commonly occurring problems that people traveling on the hills experience. Also be sure to carry a first aid kit along with all the necessary things like band aids, bandages, dettol, pain killers, paracetamol etc. you should definitely remember to carry a torch with an extra set of batteries, insect repellent etc. all these things would be incredibly useful in case of some unforeseen or unexpected emergency situation.

Proper Clothing / Footwear

Remember that you will be traveling on the hills where the ambience is extremely cool and chill even during the warm summer days. If you are going during the winter months then you should be well equipped with woolen wear like jackets and sweaters even mufflers, ear muffs, thermal socks, boots etc. if you are going to Uttarakhand during the summer months then you should carry some light sweater or a jacket. It gets cold at night so do not skimp on carrying winter clothes. Mountainous terrain is jagged so remember to carry the correct footwear like sports or hiking shoes or invest in a good pair of comfortable mountain boots.

Snack Collection

This is probably one of the most important things to keeping mind while planning a trip for Uttarakhand. Snacks cost a major chunk of your travel budget so you can even reduce that by stocking up on all the snacks that you may need during the journey. These would include carrying chips, biscuits, energy bars, chocolates, homemade snacks etc. these would come in handy especially while you are travelling. You can also carry some energy drinks and electrolytes as well in case you are feeling lethargic and tired.Remember not to litter and maintain the sanctity of Dev bhoomi.

Pack Smartly

In order to have a memorable trip you will be needing to pack smartly which means only carrying the things you know you will need. Reduce the luggage quantity and the load of carrying which will prove to be beneficial to your travel plans. Another important aspect is to pick the right bag. Being a hilly terrain does not carry suitcases with wheels, you can carry duffle bags, backpacks and rucksacks. These have a lot of space and would successfully accommodate all your essentials.

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