Things to Consider When Traveling to India for the First Time

There’s no staple things to say to someone who is traveling to Mumbai or Delhi for the first time. The best knowledge to impart on someone is to wax lyrical to him or her, that they must research all the areas that they are traveling to in order to get the best from his or hers vacation.

India is a majestic place but it can also be an overwhelming place, so with that in mind here are some tips for the first time traveler concerning preparation for the flight, your itinerary, getting to the country and everything else afterwards.

Make sure you have all your documentation with you

Failing to bring your flight documentation with you to the airport could cost you, as some airlines have started charging flyers because they have been ill prepared. Fox News reported in 2013 how one airline started charging its passengers with a slew of outlandish charges such as for printing boarding passes off and charging unsuspecting customers $100USD for their hand luggage. Always check the airline’s website for details on limitations so you don’t fall foul of any charges.

Pre-book parking for affordable rates

If you’re flying from a reputable airport, then the chances are it will have a host of parking options available to you for an affordable rate. The key is to book a couple of months in advanced and therefore you won’t pay a premium rate. Leading airports such as London’s Gatwick Airport has short and long stay car parking options as well as business parking according to Parking4Less. This is also the case for many of the leading airports across Europe, Asia and North America. Parking facilities such as these will be equipped with CCTV cameras and security staff so you know your vehicle will be in safe hands.

Pay for transfers

Upon your arrival in India, the last thing you need is to have to navigate solo to your accommodation. Always book transfers to eliminate the risk of getting lost en route to your accommodation after a long and tedious flight.

Expect carnage

In a recent article by The Huffington Post they said you’re never far from a madding crowd in India. You have to remember that when you are in the country, it is home to over a billion people and at times in can be very overwhelming. To eliminate this as much as possible, stick to the tourist-y parts of the country and use guides whenever possible.

The Spain of Asia

Just like in Spain, Indians don’t pay great attention to time and more often than not they’ll be late for appointments, opening shops etc. Due to the large volumes of traffic people are often late due this frustrating variable thus travel at their own pace.

Family is precious

You’ll notice that families are extremely close in India and during meal times, they use this as their “family time”. Eating together as a family is very sacred.

Respect people’s religious beliefs

Religion is a key component to the locals life and must be respected at all times. Take notice of any rules regarding clothing or footwear and abide them and you won’t have any problems.

Don’t try and do too much

India is often referred to a sub-continent for a reason: because of its sheer size. Unless you’re getting connecting flight from Mumbai to Delhi for instance, concentrate your efforts on thoroughly exploring one area.

We hope that these tips will help you if you are planning a vacation in India anytime soon. And we also hope it will be a vacation that you cherish for the rest of your life.

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