Things One Should Consider During Pool Paving

Many people choose to have a pool in their property. It provides a refreshing break to an owner during his or her leisure time or after a long exhausting workday. In order to keep your pool looking its best, you should take care of it properly so that it functions well. Choosing a pool paver becomes important if there is any requirement of upgrading the beauty, safety and functioning of the pool area. There are wide options on designs, themes and patterns for pool pavers available from where people can choose the best according to their requirement. The paver types are as follows:

  • Zigzag
  • Herringbone
  • Parquet
  • Running bond
  • Custom pattern

There are varieties of colors for pool pavers available in the market. People also get a chance to choose the shape from a wide variety of options that is available. They can also mix and match two or more shapes as well to get a new and interesting pattern for the pool area.

Things One Should Consider During Pool Paving
Things One Should Consider During Pool Paving

Natural stone decking types 

The area around the swimming pool plays a vital role in defining the style and personality of the pool. Nowadays, there are varieties of natural and man made materials available to construct the advanced pool decks but the natural stone decks are unparalleled. Some popular natural stone types are discussed below:

 Travertine– this is the most popular type of pool deck material which is well known for its durability. The porous nature and its propensity to stay cool make it a high demand material to the pool builders. This material can absorb water easily which makes the deck slip free.

 Lagstone- this is another type of pool material which is normally used for any type of flat portion of natural paving. This material is rich in earthy colors and textures and is perfect for around pool. They are very sturdy, non-slippery and can resist moisture as well. There are varieties of colors, shapes and sizes of this material available for the pool area.

 Slate- this material has been used by the builders for many years for its heavy duty and sturdy nature. The installation process is also very easy. It is available in different colors such as brown, dark black, rusts, blue grays, red, green, purple, etc. 

Things One Should Consider During Pool Paving
Things One Should Consider During Pool Paving

Bluestone– this is another type of flagstone pool pavers which are water resistant, hard wearing and non-slippery. They are ideal for outdoor use. They are available in blue-gray color. They come with a common finish of natural cleft provides non-uniform texture, thermal provides uniform texture and honed provides an extremely smooth look. It is the best choice for outdoor space. 

Limestone– this is generally a tough material that can preserve its beauty for many years. Many pool pavers and designers prefer to use this material for construction. This material is so durable that it can tolerate severe weather changes. They come in different color varieties such as tan, gray, pink, blue and brown and are available in different shapes and sizes. 

Sandstone– it is normally made up of quartz grains and is generally red or brown in color. Sturdy and smooth surfaced sandstone is the best choice for pools. 

Granite– the looks that this type of material offer stays consistent and it is the hardest natural stones available among others. This material is mainly made up of quartz and has a dark color and shiny appearance and is also water resistant.

Coral Stone– it is commonly known as keystone or coral line fossil which is made up of shell fossils and coral, sand, coral and limestone. This material can exist in any type of climate; they are non-slippery and can be maintained very easily.

Things One Should Consider During Pool Paving
Things One Should Consider During Pool Paving

Materials used in pool paving

In order to get a unique look to the pool area, nice furniture, and attractive garden accessories can be placed around the pool. The best paver materials that can be used around the pool are

  • Stone
  • Concrete
  • Brick

These are the main materials that are used in decking applications and pool flooring.

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