Things to Consider When Choosing a Coffee Table

Selecting a right coffee table is a next big task after setting the furniture and completing the living room decor. It is considered as the toughest task even for the designers because the choices are endless. From contemporary glass coffee tables to classic table having wood base and glass table top, there are plenty of designs, styles and sizes available. This is why it becomes difficult to choose a perfect coffee table that not only fills the gap but also works as a statement piece. Consider these few things for choosing a right coffee table for your living room.

Consider the Space

First of all, the most important thing to consider when choosing a coffee table is space. Find and measure the space available in the seating area. It is suggested to place a coffee table on 18’ inches distance from the edge of the sofa so it is close enough to put down the magazine or cup and far enough to stretch the legs. So, try to follow the 18’ inch rule and measure the space area.

Choose the Shape

Coffee tables come in a plethora of designs, shapes and styles. Choose a right shape, keeping in mind space and furniture such as round and square coffee tables are perfect for large sectional seating or a modern sofa set. Whereas oval or rectangular coffee table works well with long sofa.

Think About Height

Height is one of the most important things to consider while choosing a coffee table. The table surface should be the same, one or two inches taller or lower than the sofa seat. The height of a standard table is 16 to 18 inches, but for the lower sofa, the lower surface will be a perfect match. Choose a taller coffee table for a higher couch.

Carefully Consider the Material

The toughest thing is to choose the right material. Choose a material that will perfectly match your living room design and also work with your lifestyle. A glass coffee table adds elegance and works well with every design, whereas a wood coffee table can warm up a living room and classic touch. Coffee tables made of the mixed material are trendy, consider choosing one with brass base and glass table top.

Choose a Kid Friendly Table

If you’ve toddlers and pets, consider selecting an oval or round because they are a smart choice as they don’t have sharp corners. If glass is your choice, then choose a tempered glass coffee table that is durable, strong and safe for children.

Consider Multiple Options

Consider adding two or more small coffee tables if you don’t find the right size or the perfect coffee table for your living room. It is a great choice for smaller space areas where a large or a standard size table doesn’t adjust properly. Choose multiple and smaller coffee tables to add more flexibility and increase functionality in the living room.

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  1. Gavin Jones says:

    I love having multiple coffee tables in my room, mainly because using two means that I dont have to have one large one taking up too much space! When buying any furniture always give google a quick search for coffee table discounts which throws up sites like because it’s always handy to save a but of money when buying multiples of anything!


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