Style your Home your Way with these DIY Ideas


Professional interior designers know how to play with the strengths of your house, conceal the flaws, and make every space appealing to onlookers’ eyes. Nothing can beat the satisfaction of designing your home decor from scratch with your own hands using different DIY decor ideas.

With Do-it-yourself decor ideas, homeowners can customize their homes without a full-scale renovation. With the opportunity to customize your home decor, the DIY ideas have limitless possibilities. Below are some DIY home decor ideas to freshen up your rooms and style your home your way without breaking your budget.

Living Room Decor Ideas

Modern homes and apartments have their furniture arranged in groupings that encourage conversations. So, when placing furniture in your living room, ensure that it aims for the same sense of intimacy and balance. The conversation area in your living room must have a U-shape arrangement with two chairs and a sofa facing each other at each end of the coffee table or H-shape with two chairs and sofa directly opposite with coffee table in the middle.

Avoid pushing all the living room furniture towards the walls in sake for making the room look bigger. There are many sofa sets and coffee tables available in HomeTown Store, and you can buy them using the HomeTown coupon code to save money on living room furniture.

Setting Tone for Entrance Door

If you want your house to make the first great impression, focus on setting the right tone for the main entrance door. Use some glossy and fun hues for the main door. Red is considered a lucky colour in many cultures as red hues mean welcome to weary travellers in early America, and on churches, it means the safest haven. Yellow and orange are the two common hues that are gaining popularity as these colours are linked with warmth and joy.

Wall Colours Must be Neutral and Light     

Choose wall paints that are gray or beige, especially on the first floor where the flow is crucial. Neutral wall paints are great for rendering optimal decorating flexibility, enabling homeowners to switch up accessories in the room efficiently. If your house has two rooms next to each other, paint the walls with the same neutral colour to make them look bigger.

Brighten up Kitchen Area

A naked window looks good than the ugly, outdated and heavy drapes. Windows dressings in the kitchen area must be elegant and functional at the same time. Look for sheers paired with some full-length glass panels. If the kitchen area gets lots of sunlight, look for light colours which won’t fade easily.

It is suggested to look for lightweight fabrics for the panels made out of linen, cotton, and silk blends. It tends to hang well for years.

Scale Artwork on Walls

Nothing is more ridiculous in look than hanging a dinky little artwork high on the walls. The artwork must be hanged on walls at eye level for clear visibility, and if the family members are tall or short, average their heights. Moreover, you must take the scale into account for the large tall walls. Go for some oversize piece or group of smaller pieces in a gallery style. But never space the images too far apart. The ideal gapping must be 2-4 inches between the artwork for optimal look.

Anchor Rugs under Furniture Feet

You must follow this rule for the area rug. Ensure that all furniture and coffee table legs in the living room fit on the rug area. The rug must define the seating and conversation area. At least the front two legs of the sofa, chairs and coffee table must rest on the rug. Living room with less generous proportions must use 8 by 10 foot or 9 by 12-foot rug to accommodate the seating area. There are different sized rugs available for the living room that you may buy online as well. Renting home decor and home furnishing items is the new trend today and you can opt for rentickle to have some premium quality rugs on rent and take benefits of Rentickle discount coupons offered by CouponsCurry to get these rugs at discounted price.

Visual Tricks to Raise Ceiling

If the ceiling of the house is on the lower side, paint the walls with white hues, it gives the room a less claustrophobic feeling. Use curtains that are higher than your windows, and this will give the room a taller look. The standard curtain panels measure 80-90 inches, enabling to go 3 inches higher than the window casing. But if you want to hang them higher, consider the custom drapes that are higher than the windows casing.

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  1. To maintain its natural and antique look, primitive country decor typically has Earthy color schemes with a selection of red, beige, brown, and other warm colors.

  2. Modern house plans do not utilize space haphazardly; rather, space is used as efficiently as possible and complements the entire structure as a whole

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