Some Important Parameters to choose Distance learning institute

Distance learning is gaining huge traction these days among students and individuals. Much of the success of correspondence education and distance learning could be attributed to the easy accessibility, quality education and cost-effectiveness. Viewing the growing demand of online education and distance learning a plenty of institutes and organizations have mushroomed in last few years and hence it has become important for students and aspirants to seek for colleges and institutes that worth investing their time and money. With this article our main aim is to help students know those parameters on the basis of which the credibility and authenticity of an educational institute could be judged. So here go those parameters:

Approvals and accreditations of the institute: Most of the reputed and renowned educational institute are approved and accredited by local or federal agencies. The approval of the institute proves that the institute is a credible one and full-fill the basic requirements needed to run an educational institute. Hence, it is important for students and aspirants to see if the educational institute is approved or accredited. For example, an institute that imparts MBA should be approved from AICTE; a B. Ed college needs the approval of NCTE and so on.

Placement Records: A course is of no value if it can’t offer employment opportunity to students. There are plenty of institutes and distance learning educational organization that are meant simply to trick people and take off their money. People should join only those institutes and educational organization that have the track record of offering record placements to its students.

Ease of examination: It is important for a reputed institute to conduct assessment and examination process to check the performance of their students. A reputed and recognized educational institute involves actively in the evaluation process and advice students accordingly. Moreover, examination schedules must be flexible and preferably online and on demand.

Prompt and quick online support: This should be a chief benchmark in your decision making. Many educational institutes and organizations offer quick and prompt support to their students and resolve their queries in detail. However, those institutes that are not very serious about the career of the students tend to shy away from responding quickly. The Learning Management System (LMS) of the educational organization must be easy to understand and use. The educational institute should have stunning and responsive website, interactive and support live chats, query management and effective means to communicate.

Student support:

More the merrier must be your mantra. They must have Online support for course materials, assignments and project work submissions, placement support, audio visual learning aids, and e-learning facilities. A very robust Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) is essential for successful DL experience.

Quality of Study materials offered by the institute:

Much of the success of an educational institute depends on the quality of the course material offered by the institute to its students. It is important for an educational institute to provide up-to-date course curriculum. Important educational university like IGNOU claims to thoroughly revise the entire curriculum every three years. Availability of supplementary text books is also another factor one must look at before selecting an institution.

All we can say that distance learning and online education is effective but it is so when it is coupled with a reputed and efficient educational institute. And hence should ensure that the educational institute they are taking on is at par with the industry standards.

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