How to Remove Your Old Cars

The performance of the car decreases as the car gets older. You may find that the car spends more time at the repair services than on the roads. They become nothing more than a giant piece of junk that clutters up your garage or your yard. The great thing is that you can remove your cars without needing to pay anything for the service. Cars removal agencies can come to your firm and away your cars without the need of payment.

How to Remove Your Old Cars

Why Should You Remove Your Car?

You might want to remove your car for a number of reasons. The car may be met with an accident and your insurance company is not paying for it. Another reason may be that you wouldn’t be getting the desired price of your car. It is also conceivable that your car is so old that you cannot even get it started. These are some of the situations when you find that there is a need of a cars removal agency. The agency will send a tow truck to take away your car and dispose of it. In some cases, the agency might even offer you a certain sum of money in return for your car. Be that as it may, you will not have to pay the agency any money for their service.

Things to Do Before Removal

You will need to do a few things, however, before you can send your car off with any cars removal agency. Without satisfying some these steps, the agency might refuse to take away your car for removal purposes.

  • Make Space

A tow truck does require a nice amount of space for it to operate smoothly. You should move your car to an area of ample space where tow truck can operate in a smooth manner otherwise tow truck will find it difficult to remove your car. You also have to request neighbors to take off their parked cars. They will need to move their cars to a different spot so that the tow truck does not face any problem.

  • Return Your License Plates

This is an important step that needs to be fulfilled much before you send for the tow truck. You will want to remove your license plates from the car. Then you will want to return them to the proper authorities in the vehicle licensing department of your area. Some departments may refund a certain sum of money after you return your license plates.

  • Remove Personal Belongings

There might be a few items that have been left behind in the car. These items will need to be removed from the car. The extra accessories that you have installed at your own need to be removed. These accessories include stereo, radio, AC and speaker systems. However, if you do not want to keep them, you can leave these systems in the car.

  • Identity Proof

You have to show your legal papers regarding the car like identity proof and furnish the legal proof of ownership before the car removal agencies. Usually, these details can be fulfilled by showing the documents related to the car and your national identity card or passport. The agency, after all, does not want to get into trouble by taking away some else’s car. They might get accused of theft.

  • Choose the Correct Agency

You should choose the correct and reliable car removal agency. You can do research online through internet or can collect reviews of clients who have availed the services of car removal agencies. Proper agencies will be able to provide you with the proper service. Not all cars removal agencies will take all types of cars. You need to figure out these details before calling in one.

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  1. Personally, I’ve never scrapped my own car, but I think it’s a great idea to get some extra cash.

    1. John says:

      It is very hard to get money when you want to scrap your car or sell old car.

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