Why PG is Always Better Option Over Full House Renting

Our country is a varied and rich combination of innumerable cultures and races. And so our each of our cities. Are cities are so popular and every city has people coming in from all the other places of the country. But the cities of India have a big heart and they warmly welcome whoever comes their way.

India has always observed the trend of the movement of people from rural areas to the urban areas ever since the independence.

Mostly, this migration is for career oriented reasons. Some come here to search for good jobs while some come here if they have been offered a good job. Another reason of moving is education.

Though India is so developed, it still doesn’t have standard educational systems all throughout the country. Which is why, a lot of focused and passionate students from various other states of the country come to these educational centers for attaining their higher education.

Places like Gurgaon, Pune, Ghaziabad, Mumbai, etc are centers where the students get a chance to receive the best education possible. This is why these areas are very populated and people keep moving here constantly.

Also these places are a hub for industrial companies which is another reason why people come here for job opportunities.

Because of this reason, the rates of accommodation here is quite high. If you want a 1 or 2 BHK for rent in Gurgaon or Mumbai, you have to be ready to spend a good amount from your income every month.

This is one reason, people to don’t prefer to rent houses and instead go for pg accommodations to live in. these areas have several pg’s available for people who come from other places and want an accommodation to live here.

A research over the Google says that majority of the outstation people to come from other places to a city for any professional educational work prefer to live in pg’s over rented apartments.

And we think that people are absolutely right to take a decision like this. But a lot of people might think that why would people want to live in sharing with other people instead of living alone in peace. Well, there are so many reasons why people would want to live in pg and some of them we shall give you below.

So, these are some reasons why people choose to live in PGs over full rented houses,

  • Less expensive- this is the most primary and important point. Full houses for rent are way more expensive. If you compare a 2 BHK for rent in Gurgaon with a pg accommodation there, you will see that there is such a vast difference in both of them.
  • Discipline- living in a pg keeps the person disciplined while living alone and all by one’s self can make a person very undisciplined and carefree. Following certain rules and regulations is very important.
  • Company- living in a pg keeps you entertained as you have other people living with you and you don’t have to live alone in house like a zombie.
  • Less maintenance- when you take your own house, you have to keep it completely maintained, which gets difficult for an alone person, pg houses are taken care of by the caretaker which is another advantage.

So we suppose these reason are enough for anyone to live in a pg instead of full house renting.

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  1. Anubhuti says:

    I agree with all your points 🙂 but living in flat makes you more responsible..I feel you can start off with PG and then switch to renting flat with other people.

  2. Sanjay Kumar says:

    The information is really good and very helpfull to me and it really knows the difference why pg is better

  3. Spito says:

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