Why people wants to get Free Samples in India before shopping

India is a country with the population of around 1.3 billion. It is the second most populous country in the world after China. India is a developing country. That means, it is still in the process to become a developed country. Here, people like to have things for free to try before they actually purchase it. People are of different economic conditions. Some people can afford everything while some can’t afford most of the luxurious and costly products.

The main reasons behind this fact are explained down below in this article.

Free Samples are the products which are provided to the consumers to try for free. That means, in exchange of the product no money is taken by the product vendor. Not every product in India is available for trial purposes in spite of the fact that people wants them.

Now why people want free samples.

There could be many reasons but some of the major reasons are explained below.


This is the purpose for most of the retailers want free samples in India. They want to test whether the product is actually good for their requirement purposes. So that if it is, they can purchase it and could also recommend to others.

Moreover, if a retailer wants to sell some products to their local customers, he needs to ensure the quality of the product before he can start selling it. That’s why retailers like to judge the products by getting their free samples. Those ensures them they can later order the product and sell them in bulk. This is a tact of the business.

For Reviews

This reason is trending these days, all over the India. Internet and other media technologies are well developed in India these days. Nowadays, there are a lot of review bloggers and video loggers in India who review products of various kinds in blogs like Mywptips.com. These reviewers need free samples to give valuable response and review to their audience. After viewing the review, the audience can buy the products after paying the price with assurance.

Likewise many TV channels like to get the free samples of various products so that they can view and give review to their audience.

Greed and Economic condition

This is also one of the reasons why people want free samples in India. People want to get products for free. Moreover, in India the economic condition of all people is not equal and many people can’t afford products. So simply, their intention is to get the products for free.

There are also many products in India launching every day. To promote these products among the Indian society, companies’ their selves have to give samples to people for try so that if they actually like the product, they can later on sell with profits.

But the concept is same. People want to get the products for free. There are many websites available which shares information about free samples in India offers of different branded products.

So, this was all about why people want to have free samples in India. Hope, you liked reading this article.

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