Pakistan Tour – 5 Amazing Places That One Should Definitely Visit

When we plan a Pakistan Tour, we usually end up going to the north side only. There is no doubt that northern side of Pakistan is simply amazing which is perfect for honeymoon packages in Pakistan, exploring lakes and lush green valleys of the country.

But let me tell you that the beauty of the country doesn’t end here.

So, let’s expand our horizon when it comes to Pakistan Tour and explore some of the amazing places throughout the country. Before you start exploring other countries of the world, discover your own first.


Pakistan is flooded with beautiful places and this magical golden granular material is one of them. the desert is situated in Sindh, Pakistan which is considered as the second most important desert of the country. Also, it is the only fertile desert in the globe so we should be proud of it. The desert expands till the regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan as a part of Sindh meets the border of India.


Whether you are a newly married couple who is ready for lovely honeymoon packages in Pakistan or you are planning a Pakistan Tour with friends and family, this is a must visit place. The magical town looks like a place of the Hobbit movie which is located in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. It has a great archaeological site as well which dates back to the time of the Persian Empire in 6th century BC.

Hingol National Park

People often portray the picture of Balochistan as a city with low literacy rate and hot weather. Let’s explore the positive side of it, too. Yes, our country does have something like a National Park i.e. Hingol National Park located on the Makran coast with its Hingol River, mountains, deep blue Arabian sea, and desert. The park has a wide variety of fish and bird species but when you visit it, it also reminds you of the Flintstones.

Katas Raj

While most Hindu Indians don’t let Muslim Indians live peacefully in India, Muslims have dedicated a whole place for the Hindu community in Pakistan. Katas Raj is located in Katas Village near ChoaSaidanshah in Chakwal. The Hindu temple is about a Hindu legend, Shiva which dates back to the era of Mahabharata and the Pandava. The place is really beautiful with crystal clear blue water and ancient architecture.

Khewra Salt Mines

Khewra Salt Mines is one of those places we’ve read about many times in our Pakistan studies curriculum. But, how many of us actually visited this place? The place is flooded with cool salt things including keychains, sculptures, and big rocks of salt. Also, it is the second largest salt mine in the world and oldest and largest salt mine of Pakistan. Seriously, we had no idea!

Now you know some of the coolest places in the country with an amazing architect and ancient history. I am surely going to visit these places soon, I hope you also will.

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  1. Rently says:

    Taxila is now one of the rising city in Pakistan and it is developing day by day now it has very fewer areas that are abundant

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