Online Shopping: The Future of Purchasing In India!

Rushing to a nearby shop for getting household stuff was a general trend observed till date and is still prevalent in most parts of India. However, recently with the technological advancement a new shopping trend has emerged slowly which is now gaining popularity among the masses. And the trend is online shopping.

The urban life has become quite busy and there is practically very limited time left after spending hours at workplace and driving through traffic to reach home. In such a scenario, doing a simple thing such as going for shopping seems like a troublesome task. It is this time constraint factor that many retailers realised, and came up with a new convenient method of selling products through the internet. Offering the unique opportunity to customers to sit within the cosy confines of their homes and browse through thousands of product categories.

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To provide maximum comfort to consumers, the shopping sites have introduced new methods of payment as well such as cash on delivery, net banking, credit/debit cards, EMIs etc. to gain credibility and popularity. Also, free shipping is provided by many online shopping sites in India for an order above a certain price range. Though, many sites still function in a niche segment, with limited categories and product range, however with the ever increasing sales graph of online shopping with each passing year, many such portals have widened their catalogues. Now, many of the online shopping sites offer apparels, electronics, books, music, valentine gifts for men, movies, accessories, jewellery etc. as their major product categories. Since these are being bought in plenty by the online audience.

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Price is yet another factor that attracts many customers, since cost of many goods on these online shopping sites is comparatively lesser than the brick and mortar stores. In addition to low prices, shoppers can avail discounts on all major festivals and otherwise as well since there are plethora of schemes running throughout the year. This trend of giving extra discounts is mainly observed due to the cut throat competition in the online shopping market. Every portal wants to beat the other in number of sold units and profit making.

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Moreover, products can be purchased in diverse price range as well. For instance, if you are about to purchase books online, the same title is sold by many publishers and all such brands are mostly available under one roof on these shopping sites. Plus, you can easily compare the price of the same title on other portals that is a bit difficult in case of regular shopping.

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Thus, with so much of choice, convenience, a range of price band, you can select the best product at the best price as per your budget. And it can be confidently said that online shopping in India is here to stay and is definitely the future of purchasing.

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