Roleystone Vet Warns Dog Owners About Noise Phobia

Anxiety due to noise phobia is a common problem seen by local Roleystone vet teams. A trusted vet hospital offers advice to dog owners as listed below.

Dogs have an extremely acute sense of hearing. Unfortunately, this also means that they can sometimes have an excessive reaction to certain sounds that scare them.

In summer in particular, there are a lot of events involving fireworks such as New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year and Australia Day, as well as the typical summer thunderstorms which can be loud and scary for our furry friends.

So what should you do during these occasions to minimize the stress and danger for your dog?
1) Don’t leave your dog at home alone when fireworks are on. For events such as New Year’s Eve where fireworks are planned, it is important to ensure your dog is supervised. This will reassure the dog, and they will be less likely to try to escape from the yard if their owner is at home. Alternatively, board your dog in a secure boarding kennel so there is no way he or she can escape and get hurt.

2) Ensure your dog’s microchip details are current. Dogs that have noise phobias often think the sound they can hear is something they can escape from. Given their sensitive ears, dogs can hear things much louder than we can and it can be really frightening for them, particularly the unpredictable nature of storms. Even if your yard is secure, some dogs will go to great lengths to escape by biting through wooden fences, ruining their teeth in the process. It is vital that you ensure that your dog’s microchip details are linked with your correct contact details by calling the council and checking. It is a good idea to have more than one contact number listed in case you are away.

3) Consider having anti-anxiety medication to use in both short-term situations (for mildly affected dogs) or long-term if the problem is severe. Dogs that suffer from severe noise phobias can undergo a lot of distress during these episodes and for severe cases, it may be a good idea to have some anti-anxiety medication at home to use in the short-term. For certain dogs, daily medication may be best to reduce the anxiety levels in general.

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