My trip to New York: What I Liked The Most

My trip to New York

A city like the New York evokes different reactions in different people. Even within the same person like me, I was overwhelmed at some places and felt desperate in others. Here’s a summing of how I felt towards the city and the places and things I liked about New York. I will try and include the good features of new York ground transportation also in these comments.

The Skyline and Tall Buildings are Unique

Since I had gone to New York from a much smaller city this was one impressive sight I enjoyed. Starting with the Empire State Building and taking a walk along the Hudson river were all quite exciting for me. I did not forget to avail the new York car service while commuting from one place to another, apart from traveling by the tube on a few occasions.

The idea was to enjoy all forms of new York ground transportation when in the city. I did take time to visit the Empire State Building and took in the history, the art that adorns the building at various levels. I continued with my interest in these structures and the Brooklyn Bridge was the next stop. I marveled at the brilliant engineering that went into making the bridge and collected more information about its history and the technical details.

Entertaining City

I had heard that New York offers a lot of fun and good times, particularly to the youth. I had watched the excitement on New Year’s Eve each year at Times Square with millions from all over the world gathering in one place to ring in the New Year. But I may have to wait for another year to come to New York to be part of that fun. But there is no dearth of parties happening in the city all over. It is the Chinese celebrating their New Year even here. You can add food to the partying activity and find spots where some great food, a lot of American beer and music and dancing. Your new York car service will know where to take you and hire a vehicle from them. The normal yellow cabs quite popular around the world are also available wherever you are in the city.

A Bit of Shopping & the Flea Markets

You could do some research and possibly find out the right places for combining many of these activities. If you are in the Brooklyn area and you have this shopping itch, don’t hesitate tohop across the Brooklyn Flea market to pick up some great bargains. Obviously, fashion and style of the latest variety can be had for a fraction of the cost. You need all the time at your disposal and quite a bit of patience to move around these shops and buy these items. But the Flea is open only on Sundays and it is fairly crowded as well as they have earned a reputation over the years.

On the whole, the New York ground transportation and particularly the new York car service left me pleased with their prompt service, clean and hygienically maintained cars and well behaved chauffeurs.

I will remember to enjoy these on my next visit.

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