Modern Living Room Ideas

Choosing only one room in your home to devote your heart and soul to is a tough decision. But, since every guest and family member will spend most of their time in your living room, you should definitely choose that particular room and then decorate it in accordance with your preferences in order to induce a perfect homey atmosphere. And since it should never be dull and monotonous, you should add some interesting features and ornaments.

Small Scale Furniture in Living Room

No matter the size of your living room there should be plenty of space to freely move around. That is why you should opt for some small cute pieces of furniture. Small scale furniture will not overpower the whole room and you can accent other, prettier features to dominate it. Never choose a bulky couch that will only be in your way; rather, you should find a small sofa with thin arms and upholstered back that will provide the same comfort as a cushioned couch. Another possibility is completely ditching sofas and couches and going for much comfier seating, such as loveseats or well organized chairs and a small table. Also, you can turn the whole floor into a comfy seat; layer it with cushions and add a low coffee table.

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 Dress up the Ceiling

Modern living room design does not only focus on the horizontal designing; it also puts accent on the vertical one and you should fully take advantage of it. Clean white ceiling sure is easy to maintain and provides height to the room, but use that extra space for decorating and drawing the eyes upward. Paint the ceiling in a more vivid color that will complete the look of the room and add fun lighting for a cozy atmosphere. Also, you can add creative ornaments in various shapes and give your living room a unique character. However, if you prefer keeping the ceiling simple and pure, you can always add floor-to-ceiling drapes and make the whole room look bigger and cozier.

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 Pastel Colors in Living Room

Everything in your living room should be lightly colored with just a few bold details. Opt for furniture in shades of light grey, beige or even purple, and surround it with contrasting pastel colors. Choose one wall as your accent wall, paint it in a darker shade of grey or red, and be moderate with the rest of the decoration. Contrast it with other walls painted in white, airy furniture made of whicker or glass and add a bold rug of thick fabric. Make sure that every color is well coordinated to avoid chaos and strained eyes because of many different colors. Also, you can theme your whole living room and decorate it with shades of white and beige and add only a few lamps or cushions in bold contrasting colors.

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Decorate with Mirrors

Create a focal point on one wall by adding a floor-to-ceiling mirror, which will reflect the light in such a way that the room looks bigger and spacious. The glass surface of the mirror will also make the living room airy and it will complete the whole design by reflecting the present colors, perfectly uniting them with the rest of the room. Also, you can place the mirror opposite of the window, creating an illusion of having another window with a beautiful view and some extra light in your home.

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Home Theatre

Install a big screen TV on the accent wall of your living room, and provide the best possible sound system for the real theater feeling. Have comfy seating for every family member and guest by arranging soft cushions and always have a small coffee table for the drinks and snacks. According to the professionals from the Universal Home Theatre such technology in your home will only contribute to the whole modern look and it will ensure the best entertainment for you and your family.

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Living room is the central room in your home and it should always exude homey atmosphere filled with joy and warmth. Modernize it a bit with colors and technology and you will never want to leave it.

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