Why you should make your Hongkong visit more than just a city trip

When I was living in Shanghai and decided to visit an old friend in Hongkong, I packed my roll-on with a big city girl’s survival essentials: Handbags, cosmetics, high heels. Bad equipment, as it turned out because Hongkong is so much more than just a modern mega city with skyscrapers that invites for shopping trips, dinners and Starbucks breaks. Read more to hear why this city exceeded all my expectations and why a tent and some trekking shoes would have been the better equipment!

Hongkong is a great big city with lovely open-minded people. Not seldom is it being  compared to New York. The Victoria Peak invites for a beautiful park walk and offers a stunning view on the many impressive skyscrapers. You can find big brands and small street vendors. You feel the British touch. Some people take the ferry to Macao and play some Blackjack. But hidden beneath all that there is so much ancient preserved Chinese culture and traditions – more than I’ve ever seen in any city of the mainland. It was just nice to visit the quiet temples in the city and feel how they’re still part of the busy mega city life. If you have already had your fair share of temples, there is more and it’s time to discover one of the islands that could be from a pirate movie!

When my friend met me to spend some time at the beach, I expected a neat city beach with a beach promenade. Ins
tead, we jumped on a ferry that took us to one of the smaller islands (not Macao!) and this is when the adventure started. There was a little pedestrian street for local leisure seekers and it felt super-peaceful and full of harmony. The place had a spirit of its own and you could see some people living their traditions in honor of the ghosts. Then we went a little off track and started tracking along the coast line of the island. Over breathtaking rocks, beautiful beaches and along steep paths we eventually took a break at a small beach with rocks on both sides, mountain scenery in the background and absolutely no one around. We made a cozy fire and had some Tsingtao, were while we were forgetting the city life behind us, when we realized it was getting dark and stormy. The high tide was now covering our way of getting there and only left us with the rocks that were splashed over with by the waves, making the way back a real challenge. We were super-focused on how and where to set our steps. We almost slipped off the wet rocks and squeezed us through narrow muddy caves.

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When we got back to where the ferry took off and where people were joyfully having their dinners, our adrenaline levelwas coming down again and sweaty and dirty like pirates we had some dumplings and returned to Hongkong island.

I still don’t know where exactly I was but when I did some research it seems there are many islands to explore around Hongkong island that are worth at least a day trip of discovery!

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