A Look into the Poignant and Peaceful World of Bamboo Flooring

The market of bamboo flooring has seen a tremendous surge in recent times. There are several reasons that may be attributed to this phenomenon. Here are some of them:

  • Bamboo is essentially a type of grass and not a tree, which is why it grows much faster as it completes its breeding cycle faster every year. This is the major reason why it is preferred over other natural materials such as hardwood. Generally, bamboo is harvested at an interval of three to five years. This plan is appropriate enough to suit the demands in the market. On the other hand certain hardwood types take as much as forty to hundred years in order to mature completely. Obviously with such low availability of the latter, the demands are higher and consequently the cost increases. Also, this is one of the main reasons why bamboo is considered as a more eco-friendly option than hardwood. Moreover, incessant felling of hardwood trees is associated with legal constraints as many people may conform to illegal practices in order to acquire more amounts of wood than needed.
  • Another reason for the growing popularity of bamboo flooring is the easy availability and eco-friendly nature of bamboo. Almost every manufacturing detail that goes into the construction of such bamboo floors is ecologically friendly and safe. In fact, right from the harvesting process itself, very less amounts of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are added to provide growth. So, this type of flooring is being considered as the best option by environmentalists all over the world.

A word of caution: However, occasionally one may come across some manufacturers who employ pollution causing pesticides in order to achieve faster growth of bamboo grasses within a shorter span of time. Thus, before you seal the deal with the prospective dealer for bamboo flooring, make sure to do some background research on the procedures as well as principles applied for construction. It is important to deal only with reputable and licensed manufacturers.

The real problem associated with bamboo flooring is the installation. So, make sure that you employ an expert only, who is skilled enough to carry out this job with perfection. Also, the bamboo is a product that is imported from other countries

Advantages unique to bamboo flooring:

  • People dwelling in areas constantly plagued with water logging and flooding should definitely opt for bamboo flooring. In fact, sometimes this is the only flooring option available for such people. This is because hardwood generally does not remain in a good condition when exposed to water. It tends to rot and swell up much easier, resulting in an overall depletion in the floor quality.
  • Bamboo floors, on the other hand are harder and resistant to stains, smears and scratches. Their unique quality is that they maintain the same appearance in all sorts of weather conditions thus giving a fresh feel to the home in general. Because bamboo floors are highly resistant to stain and damp, simple cleaning procedures can be employed to keep them free from grease on a regular basis. Usually a wipe with a damp mop does the trick.
  • Bamboo comes with a certain sheen that has a very aesthetic appeal to it. They lend a very traditional look to the place where they are installed. No matter how simple the place is, the bamboo floors are bound to be noticed by people who first enter the area. Bamboo floors come in two basic colors, a natural light yellow shade and a darker amber color. It is possible to mix different shades on bamboo planks to achieve many different colors.

The real problem associated with bamboo flooring is the installation. So, make sure that you employ an expert only, who is skilled enough to carry out this job with perfection. Also, the bamboo is a product that is imported from other countries. So, it is important to inspect it before selection. Take care to choose bamboo which is at least a year old. With the right dealers, you can achieve beautiful and environmentally sustainable bamboo flooring for your home.

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  1. Hey Faiz,

    I completely have to agree with your point of installing bamboo from good manufacturers. Cheap bamboo is called so because of a reason because manufacturers undercut several processes during manufacturing in order to make it cheaper.

    They may save you a quick buck in the short run but in due course, it could have disastrous consequences as you may have to end up redoing the whole floor. Make that you hire a flooring expert who knows what he/she is doing. Ask them for references and if possible visit the places where they have installed this flooring.

    Always check the moisture levels before flooring as humidity tends to develop an issue known as warping in bamboo whereby the bamboo swells in size. Installing flooring is usually a one time process – treat it as an investment.
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