Komodo National Park

The nature of the Komodo National Park is amazing in itself, even without the mention of the giant lizards. Let me explain why. Like most of these are located on the island near the equator in the ocean (even among the two), and a number within a radius of 400-800 km. such densely overgrown forests attractions like Bali and Borneo, but …

Already out of the window of the aircraft on approach to Flores shows how much different brownish-straw color of the local Savannah riot of greenery surrounding tropical islands. Most of the year the weather is dry and hot. Only in the middle of the winter rains, allowing for a few months turn green slopes of the mountains. Locals say that it becomes very nice and very dirty this time.Adapting to climate seasonality, the local vegetation is somewhat reminiscent of the nature of northern latitudes, which is also able to fall asleep, then wake up to when the time comes.

Rangers are willing to show and tell us everything that comes his way. Among the first attractions of the local fauna, we were presented a vine-strangler.Shoots of plants entwine trunk master, then fused together into a solid mesh. Grid, in turn, slowly begins to compress the tree, which has helped her to rise above the ground. As a result, the tree dies, replaced by robust design of the fledgling vines.

The list of local celebrities were also cotton tree, the opened boxes which are really similar to the stuffing for mattresses. By the way, they also make mattresses. Growing orchids on trees here are not uncommon.

On the islands of grazing deer, interspersed with half-wild hens. Hens are allowed to clean the wool reindeer from parasites. Several times we ran some little black bird the size of a chicken. About them Huntsman said that they always run in pairs. Birds by the way, decently and did not manage to take a picture. Very much they run fast.

Apart from the big game deer on islands graze buffalo and wild pigs. Buffalo, deer and pigs are the basis of local forage dragons .

In the photo, one of buffalo grazing in a puddle of mud, which remained in line with the seasonal rivers dried up. The rainy season in this place goes a raging torrent, which is the depth of about two meters.

In our tree was Buffalo, deer, which immediately caught the ranger. Lizard was flying. By the way, the genus to which they belong, called flying dragons. So here it is – a real dragon Komodo Island.

If we draw here though, would be a day, then surely you can see a lot more interesting things, but unfortunately, in the schedule of our trip was found only a few hours on each island.

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