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The GPS tracking collar is an amazing of product of modern technology. It allows you to know the location of the pet you’re putting it on. You don’t need to follow your dog anywhere it goes or tether it to a tree to keep it from getting lost. All you need is to put the collar around the dog’s neck and he becomes visible even if he’s out of your sight.

Like human beings, dogs have different behaviors. Some love to stay home and and guard your place like it’s the White House, others love to curl on the couch or in some corner, while there are some that love to roam around uncharted territories. Adventurous canines are one type of dogs that can’t put their masters to rest. The possibility that your furry best friend can get lost is just too imminent for you ignore. This possibility is no longer a problem these days. Modern technology has found a way to resolve this issue with the invention of the GPS tracking collar.

What is a GPS Tracking Collar?

The GPS tracking collar is a dog collar with a GPS device attached to it. The GPS or Global Positioning System works by transmitting signals to a monitoring satellite. The satellite then sends the information it receives to a receiver you’re holding to let you know of your pet’s actual location.

Like other man-made devices, tracking collars have certain limitations. They cannot assure the perfect security provided by quality leashes or high fences, but they offer your pet freedom of movement, a thing that these two traditional pet security measures cannot give.

Are these Devices Only for Dogs?

These devices were originally designed for dogs. But they can be used on cats. Tracking collars can be quite heavy for smaller pets. If your pet is small, just be sure to choose models that are made for small animals like cats and small dog breeds.

The tracking device that your pet wears is equipped with a transmitter. It is paired with a compatible handheld receiver which you must use to be able to monitor your pet.

How do they Work?

Some tracking collars are designed to produce a beep signal when the receiver comes within the specified range of the transmitter, say 100 feet or more. You will know that you have come closer to your pet’s location because the beep gets louder the closer you get to your pet. But you have to bear in mind that the capability of the collar to be tracked depends on the signal it can deliver to the satellite. It is therefore difficult to track pets that are lost in densely wooded areas where signals are hard to obtain.

Because these pet tracking devices are fitted with radio transmitters, using one for your pet will require you to secure an amateur radio operators’ license from the FCC. But with the peace-of-mind that it can offer and the assurance that your dog is very much around at all times, using a quality tracking collar can be a reward in itself. These devices are exceptionally useful especially if you are taking your pet with you in camping or hunting adventures.


The trouble and cost of locating a lost pet can be annoying. You must be sure that your dog is always visible even if they are out of your sight. Monitor them with dog tracking collars each time you want to take them to the great outdoors if you want to set them free from the leash.

These are the things you might want to know about the GPS tracking collar. If you are planning to use one for your pet, you must ensure buy one that has the ideal weight and features for your dog’s size and “lifestyle.” If you are living in the land down under and you want to know more about it, feel free to make an online inquiry about Garmin dog trackers Australia is currently making available.

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