How to know that Your Car Suspension System Needs Repair?


The steering of the car is directly connected to the suspension system, and functions with the help of a simple mechanism. When the driver turns the steering then the suspension system works in the required way to smoothen up the ride, but at times things can go wrong making the steering difficult to handle, if this is the case with you then your car suspension system needs a repair.And one thing can be noted here, that the suspension system of the car should be checked after the car has traveled for about 80,000 to 100,000 miles otherwise the suspension system of the car can breakdown at any time.

How to know that Your Car Suspension System Needs Repair?

Various Troubleshooting Associated with Car Suspension

One can face lethal problems when there is any type of flaw in the suspension system, and some of them include

  • Car tends to make loud squeal noise.
  • Power steering growls when turning.
  • It becomes difficult to handle the leaning directions.
  • Steering wheels do not function in a smooth way.
  • Repairing the Steering System of Your Car

When you want to repair the steering and the suspension system of your car then the first thing that you need are the right tools and the right technique to accomplish this task. For repairing the steering section of the car, first inspect the two tie rods that connect the wheels with the steering. Here, you need to check if there is any type of damage or rust that is formed on the rod, and if the rod does not function properly then you need to replace that with a new rod. But, while replacing them, always mark the location of the old one and note how they are placed so that you can place the new rod in a similar manner.

The next system of steering that should be checked is the steering gear. Inspect, whether the gear is fixed properly and make the required adjustments using a wrench and screwdriver. The gear system is capped with 4 bolts so make sure that you remove them carefully before reaching out to the gear. For understanding more about the gear function, you can take help from the manual of your car which will represent the various parts of the steering gear in the form of diagrams so that you understand it better.

Replacing the Suspension Parts of the Car

For replacing or repairing the car suspension system, the first and the most important step is to jack up the car. Now, the car suspension system comprises of three main components

Tires: Inspect the condition of the tire and make sure that everything is perfect with them. If you find any type of uneven marks or patterns on the tire then this is an indication that your tire should be changed.

Shock Absorbers: The work of this component is to absorb any type of shock that comes across the suspension system. Therefore, if you have a good shock absorber then this means that can drive your car in a much smoother way. Now, shock absorbers get worn out easily on uneven and rough roads. When your car tends to make loud noise or squeal then this is the time you need to replace the shock absorbers of the car.

Suspension Bushes: For a peaceful driving experience one needs healthy suspension bushes that operate in a perfect way. Though, these bushes have a good lifetime yet even they get worn out when rough roads react with them. This is the reason why every car repair shop always advises to grab only quality suspension bushes for the longevity of the suspension system of car.

To know more something extra information let’s go with the details.

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  1. Get the mechanic that is really good with your particular car and specific on what causes any problems you encounter.
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  2. Harris says:

    Most of the people mistakenly think that the suspension is specially about having a smooth ride, and therefore these no repairs as important as other maintenance issues like oil changes or brakes.

    1. admin says:

      Absolutely right!!

  3. Taking care of your like car it’s one of your own kids. It really is necessary to be maintained regularly to lasts a long long time.

  4. But it’s not going to be the same. You can replace panels, but once you start with a rusty car, in my opinion, it’s always a rusty car. It will never be factory-original again.

  5. I can see why it would be smart to look into getting a lifetime alignment system set up with the auto shop you go to. That does seem like it would help you save money and be able to keep your tires aligned properly.

  6. Scott Taylor says:

    The suspension system of your car is complex and made up of many different parts. They include shock absorbers, springs, struts and ball joints, just to name a few. These components, along with your wheels and tires, control how your car handles the road. The suspension system also helps manage wear and tear on your car especially over bumps and in uneven road conditions.

  7. Collins Dane says:

    Once you experience any problem with your car suspension because of maintenance neglect, your car will never be the same again, I tell you. It’s a complicated part of your cars’ system and would affect not just the suspension system but other parts of your vehicle as well.

  8. Zoe Campos says:

    Thanks for telling me that hearing loud, squealing noises coming from my car might mean that there is something wrong with the suspension system. I really needed to drive to my mother’s place last night so I ignored the sounds coming from my engine. Although nothing happened to me, it might be better to bring the vehicle to the nearest auto shop and have it repaired before I encounter an accident.

  9. Speedhut says:

    Car tends to make loud squeal noise, indeed. When the car suspension system faces lethal problems it’s not only a few but all the system in your car will be in trouble.

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