Inexpensive Hobbies For Students

Living the student life can be quite hectic. You often have a lot of things to do both at your university as well as with meeting your friends. But it is a good idea to add some nice hobbies to this mix as well.

They will allow you to relax and spend some time doing something you like. You can even meet some nice new people. But naturally you also don’t have that much money to spend as a student.

To help you out here are some inexpensive hobbies to consider.


Although some might not count cooking as a hobby it is something that can really help you eat healthy and spend less money on food. If you learn about recipes that are cheap and easy to make you can enjoy both of those benefits.

Try to learn some basic recipes so that you don’t end up eating out a lot.


One of the cheapest hobbies that you can start immediately is drawing. Naturally the more you progress the more money you might want to spend because you want to buy professional brushes and paints.

But even those aren’t really that expensive and there are a lot of good shops that sell very inexpensive painting equipment.

But you can easily get a cheap sketchbook and some pencils and start practicing. There are even plenty of good drawing guides available online that you can use to learn more about different styles of drawing.


Exercising is really important thing to do and there are many different ways you can be active without spending a lot of money. Naturally running is really cheap but if you are looking to do something a little bit different then start parkour.

There is a good guide to knowing more about parkour at Nerdfitness. There are probably even a parkour groups in your location so you can search for them on the internet. This is a really great hobby to practice together with your friends.

Learn To Play An Instrument Online

The internet is also a great place for learning to play an instrument. Music is also a really good hobby to have because it can have a lot of benefits for your studying as well. It is also a really good way of removing anxiety and stress.

It is a good idea to search the net to find some excellent online saxophone lessons or piano lessons, for instance. You can also find the instruments on the internet and save money by buying used instruments.

Learn A New Language

Another inexpensive hobby to consider is learning a new language. The great thing about learning a language is the fact that knowing another language will help you boost your job prospects later on.

You should check with your university if they offer free language courses. There are also a lot of good websites that you can use to find out more about the specific language.

Make sure you also get yourself into different language learning forums where you can use the language.

The above are all really great cheap hobbies that students can have. They even have a lot of benefits to enhance their studying or improve their opportunity to get a job later on.

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