Guide To Spending A Lovely Vacation Along The Beautiful Kent Coast

When the sun is shining many people state that there is nowhere better to be than the UK. Kent is somewhere which really enhances the argument for this statement. The county is full to the brim with beautiful areas, all of which boast the most delightful ambiances and warm and welcoming locals. You won’t be short of things to do either. There is a wealth of great tourist attractions in the popular area. This article deals with the Kent coast in particular. After all, this is where you will want to spend most of your days when the sun is shining!

So, why should you take a trip to the Kent coast out of everywhere else in the UK? There are actually many different answers to this question. One reasons why you should is because there is a wealth of incredible beaches on the coast. The coastal areas don’t just offer lovely sands though. You will find coastal towns filled to the brim with atmosphere, personality and beauty. There is also a lot of true English heritage to embrace as well which is something a lot of people tend to like. Nevertheless, this is also coupled with the modern fashion associated with the county.

If Kent sounds like a good place to you, you will definitely want to know a little bit more about the beaches you will find laced across the coast. Botany Bay is definitely a recommended option. This is a hidden cove and is backed by an array of chalk stacks and white cliffs. You will want to take your camera because the scenery is dramatic to say the very least. However, something which tends to take people by surprise is the fact that there are inviting rock pools and the area is also safe for swimming too. Couple this with the fact that Botany Bay boasts a Blue Flag award and you can definitely see why this is a beach that is not to be missed. In addition to this, you also have the popular Whitstable. If you are someone who loves tucking into fresh seafood then you simply have to take a trip to this lovely town. There is a real charm about the area which is only enhanced by the oyster stalls and the quirky beach huts.

If you are planning on visiting any of the areas along the Kent coast then you will evidently need to find somewhere to reside during your vacation. The great thing about Kent is the fact that there is a wealth of fantastic self-catering cottages for you to choose from. These are undoubtedly the best accommodation option. They offer so much more than any chain hotel can. You will get better views, more privacy, more space, improved facilities and better deals. What more could you possibly want?

Everyone needs to have a break now and again. It is important to get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life by visiting a relaxing and beautiful location. The Kent coast is a destination which certainly fits the bill and thus you should contemplate one of the coastal towns for your next holiday location.

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