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Deciding which Porsche to buy can be a herculean task, given that while on the one hand, the German sports car giant doesn’t have a very wide range of models, and on the other, it has multiple versions for each of its models. The numbers of modifications have run into 600 now. The best thing is that Porsche’s authorized car dealer in Haryana, Porsche Center Gurgaon, offers its most popular variants and modifications.

Speed has always been Porsche’s forte, with their race cars having won around 24,000 races all over the world. However, of late, the number of people buying this brand for everyday commutes has increased. The Cayman series epitomizes the affordable sports car, while the Panamera series appeals to buyers interested in premium four-door saloons. With the number of variations available in the different series, it is time to find a Porsche that is perfect for you.


The Cayman series is for buyers who want a sports car that can be used for work on a regular basis. It is a coupé designed on the lines of the second generation Porsche Boxster. It has a similar, mid-engine layout, but differs in that it has a hard top roof and revised styling. The Cayman has been a major award winner too.

The 718 Cayman has a top speed of 275km/h, and easily outdoes its rivals in terms of performance. The German automobile maker has downsized the engine to make the car more affordable, without compromising on speed. The design is sleeker, and the interior ergonomics are performance-oriented.


The jury is still out on whether there is another Porsche that offers the kind of value as the Boxster does. The car was offered as an entry-level option back in the 1990s, and its traditionally low curb weight and a well-balanced chassis make it an enjoyable car to drive.

Like the first Boxsters, the 718 Boxster features elements from the legendary Spyder, such as the new sports steering wheel, which gets its design from the 918 Spyder. The 718 Boxster can reach a top speed of 275km/h. If you are looking for a car dealer in Haryana to buy your Boxster from, simply visit Porsche Centre Gurgaon.

The 911 Series

The most popular Porsche, the 911, has a mind-boggling number of variations, including the Carrera series, the Turbo S series, and the cabriolets. This range of options makes the 911 such a special car. If you are someone who’d like to cruise around Delhi NCR on breezy nights, the 911 Cabriolet is great. If you want to devastate the racetrack, opt for the 911 GT3.

The 911 Carrera S is a turbocharged version of the flagship Porsche, and boasts a top speed of 308km/h. It also offers better fuel economy.


The Panamera range was intended to define what Porsche calls the “sporty saloon.” An ideal car for the family-oriented buyer, it also offers better resale value, generally. At 5 X 1.9 meters, the Panamera is a fairly large car too.

The entry-level Panamera offers better fuel economy than most Porsches, and the Panamera Turbo is capable of a combined figure of 10.2l/100km in an urban setting. The Panamera Executive adds an element of luxury to the series, and the 4S Executive features extra legroom at the rear. The Turbo Executive has been often dubbed as a Porsche-style limousine.


The Cayenne has been a roaring success, and features the unique combination of Porsche Traction Management and a full-time four wheel drive system. Regarded as an off-road specialist, it is an equally good on-road car. It is the perfect sports car for someone who would like a hatchback-style CUV with performance that is typical of Porsche.

The GTS is perfect for those who would like a Cayenne with a big petrol engine and better speed without the running costs of the Cayenne Turbo or Turbo S. The Platinum edition, launched in India in 2016, and features stylistic elements, along with special features like the Porsche Communication Management system.


A recent addition to Porsche’s arsenal, the Macan is a compact SUV-cum-crossover, and has been often called a smaller version of the Cayenne. The Macan S gets to 100km/h in 5 seconds, which makes it a perfect sports SUV. The Macan S Diesel offers a top speed of 230km/h, which makes it a good option as a family car.

The Macan Turbo has a great on-road balance, and performs well in slippery conditions. It has a top speed of 272km/h and can reach 0-100km/h in 4.4 seconds.

Porsche Car Dealer in Haryana

If you are looking to book Porsche test drive, head over to India’s first authorized Porsche Centre in Gurgaon. Configure your Porsche online and visit the fitting lounge of the showroom to get a first-hand experience of the process. The showroom is spread over 10,900 square feet of space, and features an open terrace, a bistro, and a merchandise store.

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