German Abode For Study Abroad- Study Costs Discussed

All is set with the decision to pursue higher education overseas but are you still wondering about the where? Why is everyone cheering for Germany? And to top it all why do I want to study abroad in Germany?

German Abode For Study Abroad- German universities

If these are the question over which you have been losing your sleep lately then you have arrived at the perfect spot to get answers to all your queries.

Germany is a beautiful country in the middle of the Europe surrounded by countries like Paris, Prague, Rome or Copenhagen making itself a true study haven for the students. Not only the country is an excellent tourist spot with mesmerizing beaches, landscapes, mountains, medieval city centers and posh metropolises, but is also a much safer nation when you are out exploring it during your study trip. Be it the country side or the pulsating urban center, Police always keeps an eye on the protection of its citizens. Approachable by train or a short flight, the remainder Europe travel diary will always be full of memories during your studies abroad in Germany. German language is one of the top 10 most spoken languages in the world with over 185 million speakers worldwide. Don’t you want to add it on your resume?

Over twelve percent of student population of German universities is international making Germany the world’s third most popular destinations for studying overseas.

Major Highlight:  You have to pay very low or no tuition fees at all in the German universities because most of them are considerably funded by the government. Secondly, you will find at the least one university in every German city that is ranked in world’s top 250!

The study costs in German universities::::

  • Public Universities: EUR 1,000 per annum (approx.)
  • Private Universities: EUR 10,000 – 30,000 per annum (approx.)
  • Accommodation costs and your living expenses- EUR 6,000 per annum each.
  • Visa requirements: 8040 EUROs per year for living expenses in your account.

The degrees offered by the top ranking universities are highly respected by all the top employers worldwide making the German academic system one of its kinds. The country has lots to offer starting from about 450 state-accredited universities giving about 17,500 degree programmes. You have the liberty to go for the degree programmes that are offered in almost every possible subject and academic level – bachelors, masters, state examinations and doctoral degrees. The focus of German universities remains strongly over scientifically and practically oriented academics to give their students are real life setting of what lies out there and to prepare for every adversity. Universities of applied sciences are much practically oriented if you’re interested in the subjects of art encouraging you to join a college of art, film or music if that’s where your passion lies.

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