Is France Americas New Top Ally?

It is said that everyone in Washington is well aware of the growing affinity between the United States of America and France. There have been rumors that United States has started to consider France as its top ally instead of Britain.

French president Francois Hollande’s recent visit was considered by many as the last brick in the wall cementing the friendly relations between the United States of America and France.

  • Dodging the bullet at press meet:

Whitehouse held a press meets during the recent visit of French president Francois Hollande to the United States of America. During the press meet one of the journalists stood up and fired a question in the President Barrack Obama’s direction. He openly asked if the United States was favoring more the French republic over its oldest ally Britain.

The President of the United States dodged the question with a humorous answer, he replied that “he has been blessed with two daughters, both of them are wonderful and he loves them equally. It won’t be right for him to discriminate one over the other”

The president’s reply can be considered as humorous and light-hearted at best but the question did reflect the British fears of being sidelined.

  • Tussle between Britain and America:

Earlier this year the United States of America urged Britain to join it for a joint military strike in Syria. The U.S. calls for military actions in Syria were met with a cold response and were denied by the House of Commons. Even though later the United States of America retracted on its decision of engaging in military action in Syria, but experts claimed that the Whitehouse was very disappointed over Britain’s denial.

  • French reaction:

During the press meet the French President Francois Hollande made it clear that even though France was prepared to join the united states led army for an armed forces operation in Syria, still France was not trying to get into bed with the Whitehouse.

  • Some facts:

Opinion polls conducted by many independent organizations have shown that the majority of US population still thought of Britain as its top ally. While president Obama may have dogged the question but the opinion polls clearly show that 79 percent of Americans are in favor of Britain.

 Mr. Hollande’s trip to Washington is the first official state visit by a French President in more than two decades and is a clear sign of the growing affinity between the United States of America and the France since the two sides had a falling out over the Iraq War in 2003.

Mr. Hollande was welcomed to the white house with a full honor guard, as he took the podium to deliver his speech he said that this is the beginning of a new era for the Franco-American friendship.

While the trip was mostly a success, still it was not without uneasy moments. One of the awkward moments came when the American President Barrack Obama refused to sign a no-spy agreement with the France. What made it awkward was the fact that America has already signed such pacts with the Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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