Five Best Resorts in Ooty for a Quick Break

Are you missing the romance with your man in the city? If you want to be one with your partner, changing the scenery is always a good idea. To rejuvenate and revitalize your love life, it is best to go to a peaceful, quaint location surrounded by natural beauty. Ooty is a great place to choose. The Eastern Ghats surrounds Ooty, and the Nilgiri mountain range makes it a great place to have a romantic rendezvous. We also have a list of Ooty Resorts that will add zing to your romantic idea. These resorts are worth a look.

Sterling Ooty Fern Hill

The Sterling Ooty Fern Hill, one of Ooty’s most popular places to stay, is a great place for honeymooners. The resort is surrounded by the beautiful Eastern Ghats valleys and hills. This place is a great spot to spend quality time with your partner. You will enjoy a romantic atmosphere and many exciting activities while you are here. Enjoy a variety of activities with your partner, including archery, air hockey and table tennis. While you are enjoying the mountain breeze, you can also snuggle up by the bonfire.

The resort offers a variety of top-quality amenities, including a bar, valet parking and laundry services. It would help if you tried their multi-cuisine restaurant during your stay. You can keep fit and healthy by using the fitness centre as well as the holiday activity centre. You can also bring your kids along to Ooty’s fun children’s play area.

Glyngarth Resort

 The resort, which is indigo-hued, is a haven of tranquillity and natural splendour. Sir Walter Monde built the resort in Ooty, just outside of the city. It has a rich history, so you may want to visit it to see why Sir Walter Monde built the holiday home. You might enjoy waking up to the natural joy of birds chirping or wind gusts.

Glyngarth Resort is a modern resort in Ooty with many amenities to suit your needs. Each room has a coffee/tea maker, a TV and a satellite dish to keep guests entertained. Your room would be the perfect place to get your morning newspaper. The hotel is located at a hill station and has a fireplace where you can enjoy a relaxing time with your loved ones. The Glyngarth Resort offers a 24-hour emergency room where you can see a doctor. The resort will provide a doctor if you feel unwell during your stay.

Kurumba Village Resort Ooty

The Kurumba Village Resort, a luxurious resort in Ooty, is set amid the beautiful spice garden. The luxury resort in Ooty, Kurumba Village Resort, is surrounded by vibrant city culture and is a great place to stay at the hill station. The resort’s interiors are inspired by tribal art that depicts the lives and times of the ancient Kurumba people. It is located just 14km from Coonoor and 34 km from Ooty Town. You can enjoy a variety of adventures while you are staying at the property. The luxury resort at Ooty will add luxury to your stay, offering everything from cottage accommodations to suites with spa bath facilities.

You will receive laundry and dry cleaning services when you stay at this Ooty property. You can also store your luggage and receive daily housekeeping. The restaurant offers WiFi and 24-hour security. You can also request to participate in activities at the resort Ooty like horse riding, visiting Coonoor and the Pakasuran Trek.

Leopard Rock Wilderness Resort

This magnificent Leopard Rock Wilderness Resort is spread over 5 acres on Ooty’s southern slope. The hotel is reached via narrow but well-lit steps from the road. Although the property can only accommodate 24 guests, the atmosphere is fantastic due to the luxurious amenities it offers. The resort’s restaurant serves delicious food, including home-style chicken curry and rice and bread flipped omelettes with lemongrass chai. It would help if you visited their in-house restaurant during your stay. The resort in Ooty offers many outdoor activities, and you can have a wonderful time.

It would surprise you to know that Ooty Resort has a BBQ station! You can grill all of the meat on the property. A pint of beer or sweet mocktail can make outdoor dining a memorable experience. The property has a fun BBQ station and offers a laundry service, a 24-hour front desk, a restaurant that caters to your gastronomical requirements, and an eco-friendly atmosphere.

Club Mahindra Derby Green

The Club Mahindra Derby Green is nestled among the beautiful Nilgiris blue hills. Club Mahindra Derby Green is a luxury resort that has been acclaimed as one of the most beautiful in Ooty. If you are looking for serenity, this place should be on your Ooty list. This place is perfect for a luxurious staycation. This place is ideal for both couples and families. The resort in Ooty is a beautiful place to stay due to its fantastic location overlooking the beautiful hills and valleys that make up the Eastern Ghats.

Club Mahindra Derby Green is a top-rated luxury resort in Ooty. You will be amazed at some of its amenities. The blue swimming pool at Club Mahindra Derby Green is a stunning spot that you can’t miss. You can also enjoy a very relaxing spa and wellness club. Relax and enjoy a relaxing massage at the spa. Visit the multi-cuisine restaurant while you are there. It is both delicious, and the variety of food on the buffet is excellent. The suites have all the modern amenities and are well-lit.

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