How To Find A Job


Finding a job is often difficult due to the tight competition and economic recession. In case you are having trouble landing to a job, you may try looking for opportunities in the hospitality industry. It is in constant need of staff and is always looking for suitable applicants. Moreover, most job positions in the hospitality do not require high levels of education. As long as you have the desire to give satisfying services to the customers, you are qualified. Here are some of the areas where you can find opportunities in the hospitality industry.


This is one of the largest employers in the hospitality industry. Owners of resorts and hotels are always short of staff and are looking for individuals to fill the position. You have a wide variety of routes to take in the lodging industry, which includes general hotel jobs, housekeeping, sales management, and human resource.

The required experience and education depends on the position you are applying for, as well as the size of the hotel or resort. For example, a popular hotel with more than 300 rooms may require you to have at least five years of experience and a Bachelor’s degree if you are applying for a managerial position. On the other hand, a small motel with only 50 rooms may only require two years of work experience and a high school diploma.

Job position in lodging industry pays well. Of course, the amount of salary that you will receive depends on your position.

Food and Beverage

This is another field in hospitality industry. Whether you are planning to work in a hotel, catering companies, or restaurants, you will always find jobs that are related to food and beverage. There are many career opportunities in food and beverage industry. You can work as a restaurant manager, kitchen manager, bar manager, lead chef, catering supervisor, or a food and beverage director. Jobs in food and beverage industry are also well-paying.


This is another area in hospitality industry where you can find many job opportunities. You may apply for position in general spa management, operations management, or work as a lead spa professional/technician. You can earn a respectable salary in spa and relaxation industry. Of course, the amount will depend on the position you have applied.


The travel industry is also in need of staff especially during peak seasons. Some of the possible job positions in this area include managing travel agents, youth and children directors, cruise directors, recreation manager, tour managers, and tour guides. You can have a rewarding career in the travel industry because most jobs pay well.


This field also offers a wide range of job opportunities. Events such as weddings, fund raising, company convention, theater productions, and concerts are in need of someone who will take care of the planning. Other opportunities in event industry are venue managers, technical supervisors, house managers and so forth.

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