Exquisite White Label Service Offered By VertexFX for Better User Experience

VertexFX is very much recommended and very much acclaimed when it comes to online trading platforms. The plugins, the value added services, the demo account facility along with the customers service is simply amazing. In, todays post I would like to mention an awesome value added services offered by VertexFX for better experience.

White Label Service

It is very beneficial for the customers of VertexFX and the partners who have purchased the full software, by implementing the service to their broker and Introducing Broker (IB) as subsystems with shared hosting and very limited functionality with a simple leasing agreement. The service is option and you have to mention in advance if you want it to be shipped with the software. The IB client swill directly see their IB names and not the owners name. Other best part about IB is that it can be implemented in different scenarios and under many privileges. It is entirely up to the owner on what level he wants and what scenarios he wants it implemented. The system tree node is in the server so the owner can sell under white labeled subsystems.

VertexFX is best for such services and as the website says about white label services, whatever Main system owner has from the system VAD’s, they are delivered to his White labeled subsystems with the new Broker Contact info shown in the White label subsystem packages. These Deliverable are at least:

  • Client Terminal.
  • Back office Terminal (with a privileges determined by the main system owner and white label provider).
  • Vertex-to-vertex Bridge.
  • E-Broker multi account trading terminal.
  • System API

With the help of white label, brokers and clients can trade directly. They cab also create accounts, deposits, withdrawn money, accept or reject any quotes and carry out all other administrative operations. However, there are some operation that care not carried out and they are:-

  • White Labels cannot control Market in terms of opening or closing Market separately from his Market Maker. However, this option is on the system level which can be controlled by the full system owner.
  • Symbol filtering is controlled also from the full system owner, and WL cannot control it as well.
  • Server access.
  • Symbol Setting management.
  • General system configuration as “accept timer, Time of DEMO …etc.”
  • White Label license is a leasing non-transferable license unlike main system ownership license that can be transferred, rented or resold to another party.

Limitations of White Label

  • No matter how many users log on to the system at one particular time, irrelevant of if they are traders, offices or even dealers, each of them is counted as in single user.
  • Even the online user limitation per session is 50 at any particular time.
  • Depending on the system addition, the system can support up to 200 or even unlimited number of concurrent users at same time.
  • Even the control on the system is limited as you cannot control the entire system setting management. Things like, symbols, colors, pip locations and other symbolic formulas are not controlled.
  • The white maker has no control over the market, especially when it comes to marketing terms like opening or closing of the market. However, such option is available only to the users who have full system control or owners.
  • White label can also not control the data feed option. The user is connected with the main system through Data feed only.
  • You can’t alter the Feed Filtration choice as White Labels are taking the cost from framework information nourish as seems to be, likewise you can’t make any recipe utilizing the exceed expectations sheet since System Owners may not utilize exceed expectations sheet filtration.
  • You can’t change the Limit Orders Auto Broker for Limit Order later on. You need to educate the White Label Provider what do you need this alternative to be whether Auto or not Auto to setup your White Label on a precise server. Progressions may influence for other White Labels since you are found on an imparted server.
  • White Labels can’t get to the framework server.
  • White Labels can’t alter General framework setup as “acknowledge clock, Time of DEMO …and so forth”
  • You can control everything, and you can change to any DDE encourage you require, additionally you can get the cost from your LP side.
  • You have full control for all framework and all images alternatives.
  • You can change the Auto Limit request as you need since it won’t impact on the other White Labels.
  • You have the capacity of getting to the framework server to perform changes.

The above written details are mentioned on the website of VertexFX. The prime reason for this post is to let you know about such service offered by VertexFX.

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