Enjoy Exploring Jim Corbett National Park with Dhikala Tour Package

Corbett national park is located in the foothills of Himalayas, exactly in the recently separated sate of Uttarakhand. This national park can be considered as the heaven for wildlife lovers where they can explore numerous wildlife creatures. It is also one of the most beautiful wildlife areas in India where there is a tiger population around 160. With all its characteristics, the Corbett National Park seems to be the most important support for this rare species in the country.

This national park is about 1318.54 square kilometers with virgin jungle and forest and serving as a home to numerous species of flora and fauna. With rich biodiversity of the park, Corbett National park is a perfect place for bird fanatics. This province is extremely suitable for bird watching in India as there are more than 600 species of birds have been sighted so far in this Corbett national park.

If you decided to book our tour package, you can explore various habitats, 600 species of birds, rare species of trees, herbs, shrubs, climbers and many more. Ramganga River is the major source of water for flora and fauna of Jim Corbett National Park. Certain parts of the forest have been resourced by the tributaries of Ramganga River. You can enjoy sightseeing of flowing rivers in the midst of dense Corbett national park by option for our Dhikala Tour Package. If you are fanatic of fauna and want to acquire the thrilling experience, you can visit Corbett National Park as you can find tiger, leopard, spotted deer, elephant, sambhar deer, hog deer, Blue Bull (NilGai), sloth bear, barking deer, wild boar, rhesus monkey and langur.

You can also find birds such as peacock, pigeon, hornbill, myna, lark, pheasant, minivet, nuthatch, sunbird, duck, teal, cormorant, falcon, wagtail and many more. We also take you to certain places where reptiles such as crocodile, king cobra, python, monitor lizard, Russles viper are found in abundance. You can also enjoy exploring appealing fishes such as mahsheer fish as well as goonch catfish. If you have planned to travel with family members including women and children, you can also make use of our accommodation facilities that will definitely help you to have complete rest during night time and get ready for the next day’s show. You can even hear the noise of natural animals from the place of forest lodge. When you book Dhikala Tour Package with us, you can also get part in other activities such as elephant safari, tiger safari and fishing.

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