Emirates at Dusk: Night activities you must try in Dubai

Providing its visitors a diverse experience brought by its modern architectures, luxurious hotels and resorts, and upscale shopping centers, Dubai is one of the highly chosen destinations of tourists worldwide. Back in 2013, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) territory was ranked as the “7th most visited city of the world” for its fast growing tourism sector and large air traffic output.

In fact, experts forecasted that there will be more than 15 million visitors who will visit the city this year, as reported by the Arabian Business. However, Dubai is not only for daytime tourists, but also for those nocturnal visitors who wants to experience an Arabic nightlife like no other.

Below are some of the activities, you may want to consider when visiting the City of Gold:

Night market, all-night shopping

Previously, we featured the top shopping destinations for tourists in Dubai, such as the Gold Market, where you can find the best jewelry made of gold, diamond, and even amethysts.

However, night shopping is also apparent in the city, where you can purchase the best goods you can take home to your family and friends, as well as a souvenir of your trip. Annually, they have the Ramadan Night Market happening at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Today, they are working on a 1.9 km night shopping center at the Deira Island waterfront to be open in mid 2017.

What happens in Dubai, stays in Dubai

A seasoned traveler Trevor Davies wrote in the Mirror that “Dubai is unique – with buildings like Las Vegas on steroids – and without the gambling and Hangover-style drunken antics.” Both are desert cities, but have become tourism centers of the world.

The nightlife may not be the same without the casinos, but both boast of exciting luxury clubs. In Las Vegas, casinos such as MGM Grand owns one of the hottest night clubs – the Hakkasan. According to resource channel Mayfair Casinos, the place brings a mix of exclusivity and entertainment that amazes thousands of visitors with its luxury amenities and features.

Hakkasan also has its Dubai counterpart in the form of the popular 360° club, which is known for its circular island-like architecture, giving its party-goers a view of the sea.

End the day with a cocktail and a great view

A great escape from the buzzing sound of the city street is a night at a lounge or jazz bar, while enjoying a cocktail, good company, and a view of the Arabian sea.

Consider a relaxing night at the Uptown Bar where wines and cocktails are served with great tapas and some jazz music until 2 in the morning. The view at this location is one of the greatest given its close location to the sea. At the same building, you can go to the Skyview Bar located at the 27th floor for a complete view of the gulf.

There are various activities you can enjoy at this marvelous destination. Just remember to plan ahead of time to maximize all of the exciting things you can do in Dubai.

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