Classiest Restaurants in Mumbai for the Epicureans with a Class

Mumbai’s striking history is told through its shifting food society. Restaurants in Mumbai give you the Reliably, and the sublime city has changed into a blend of rich standard cooking styles and shocking flavors, permitting the guests to fathom the nearby culture in every piece. Despite the way that Mumbai has dependably been known for its delicious roadside food, these days, this city is overflowing with top-class gourmet pros and grant winning eateries.

If you are landing at night from Singapore in one of the Singapore to Mumbai flights, and are needing a fine feasting experience in Mumbai, then point of fact, head to one of the classiest restaurants in the city. You will thank us for familiarizing these bewildering culinary meccas to you!


With a bond tiled bar being the centerpiece of the slight 1,500 square feet room including just 11 tables, and the light gushing in through the broad bended windows,

Nico makes the energy of a liberal neighborhood joint. The dazzling upgrade stirred by its proprietors Nico Goghavala and Kamal Sidhu, matches the magnificent menu passed on by Head Chef Sinclair Pinto. Mezze platters, pizzas cooked in a wooden broiler imported from Naples, and groupings of tapas are common here.

The Table – A leading Restaurants in Mumbai

The Table stands amongst Mumbai’s most critical culinary hits. The highly contrasting ground surface, complimented with the green velvet easy chairs, and tasteful mixed drinks exude an excited situation, complete with a melange of cooking styles stacked with comprehensive impacts.

Under the orientation of the San Franciscan expat gourmet expert Alex Sanchez, the cooking is straightforward, perfect and fixing based. Affected by every side of the globe, from America, Italy, and France, to China, Thailand, Japan, and significantly more, The Table is known for get ready sustenance utilizing the finest, privately created vegetables, meat and fish, making an extravagant menu.

Neel; A Restaurants in Mumbai

Set in the midst of a sumptuous shade of 100-year-old downpour trees with a dazzling foundation of milestone structures,

Neel rouses with its fairyland vibe and Nawabi Muslim sustenance affected from Kashmir, Hyderabad, and Lucknow. In this first-since forever Indian flame broiled eatery, the menu joins 30 non-veg and 20 veg kebabs. Hyderabadi fish and entire sheep too are a part of the non veg menu, while veggie dishes are similarly encouraging.

Wasabi by Morimoto

Voted as one of Asia’s best 50 eateries, Wasabi by Morimoto draws its motivation from Japanese society, which it effectively blends with the emerge styles of Indian craftsmanship.

A wide menu organized by gourmet specialists Herman Oberoi and Masaharu Morimoto guarantees mouth-watering Japanese treats with an arrangement of delightful sakes and succulent sushi. This is moreover one of the best places to visit in Mumbai amid the night to get a look at your most loved big names, subsequent to the greater part of them swear by this spot.

Leopold Cafe

Leopold Cafe is one of Mumbai’s most seasoned eateries. Well known among its supporters as Leo’s, it highlights a fascinating persona and has a stunning history. The sustenance is various here, with the Leopold uncommon veg pasta, prawn bean stew, red pepper chicken, and soya wine chicken, being the highlights of the menu.

So this time, best Restaurants in Mumbai, when in Mumbai, rather than hoarding on the same vada paav, and other mark treats of Mumbai, head to these brain boggling eateries in the city. In spite of the fact that, these may be somewhat substantial on the pocket, yet a visit to one of these, eventual an epic affair.

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