Characteristics of GPS Tracking Software

It is a common knowledge that the GPS Tracking was created and is maintained by the US Defense. This is the only completely functional navigation system in the entire world. This system contains about 24-32 satellites that emit radio signals. These signals help the users to find their locations, times, and speeds. GPS satellites are at a height of 20,000 Km up the surface of the earth and orbits around the earth at a speed of 14,000 km/hr.

Characteristics of GPS Tracking Software
Characteristics of GPS Tracking Software

Mapping with the help of satellite – The software for GPS tracking can work with sophisticated applications like Google Earth and give a detailed 3-D map view to the user. The users of GPS tracking software can also integrate their own maps and preferred routes.

Playback of the route – Software of GPS tracking usually offers a playback option of the route. This is very like rewinding a song. This feature enables users to view all the elements in the same route repeatedly. Criminal investigation departments can use this for their investigations.

Data format is flexible – The software for GPS tracking gives out data in the form of .csv files. This can be integrated with Access and Excel also.

Geo-Fencing – This software allows users to set boundaries on the usage of certain vehicles and keep a close eye on their assets. If a vehicle crosses the boundaries, the owner is alerted immediately. This is a valuable feature for companies that allow their employees to take their vehicles to their homes.

Characteristics of GPS Tracking Software
Characteristics of GPS Tracking Software

Historical data – This software can give historical data and has the innate ability to give out reports for a specific day, year, or month.

Security – Along with helping individuals locate their lost vehicles, this software can give an additional layer of security by allowing the users to see the exact location of their vehicles.

Increased customer service – With the help of this software, businesses should be able to accurately predict delivery times, which in turn helps in improving the level of customer service.

Decrease in fuel costs – This software can help in creating shorter routes for deliveries and determines the vehicle that has to respond to a particular call. This feature has the potential to save a lot of money related to transportation.

Characteristics of GPS Tracking Software
Characteristics of GPS Tracking Software

Disadvantages of Gps Tracking:

  • Accuracy – It is a common trend that the names of the roads change over time and new roads are created. Hence, GPS may not be able to provide accurate directions always. In addition to making it inconvenient for the users, this inaccuracy can be a potential danger as well. Updating the GPS system will take care of this issue.
  • System trouble – Sometimes the GPS system may not be able to gain access to the satellite for proper directions. Similarly, a smart phone navigation system works thoroughly only if there is proper cellular service. Other types of problems include batteries that are dead, broken cables, and sometimes a complete failure in the hardware.
  • GPS signals are not always accurate because of some obstacles like buildings, trees, and sometimes extreme atmosphere conditions like geomagnetic storms.

The GPS systems in smart phones have the capability to draw a large amount of power and can easily drain the battery by more than 50%. This requires the battery to be recharged or completely replaced. This system is still under the control of the specific country’s government. If the government prohibits the uses of this tracking system, then the entire GPS service can be scrapped out, which might be a different challenge altogether.

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