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In today’s world of fast living and busy work life, we often find ourselves feeling exhausted in a desperate need to change our environment. Any change is good; however, what we usually need in these situations is a real relaxing vacation. That means spending your time on sandy beaches and enjoying the wonderful clear blue sea as far as the eye can see. Lying on the beach all day sipping iced coffee, chatting and reading a book and swimming, of course, is the most adequate therapy we need when we’re stressed, so take a look at some of these great candidates for your ideal vacation.

Piscinas Beach, Arbus, Sardinia

This beach is located at Sardinia’s famous Green Coast in the southwestern area. This whole coast was shaped by the Piscinas Dunes and it looks surreal. Needless to say, it’s very popular with tourists for its beauty as well as paragliding opportunities, so if you’re into this sport, you can combine relaxation and some water activities.

The Maldives Islands

Being among the world’s most famous islands, they deserve to be on this list. They are a very popular destination for celebrities and are extremely luxurious. Stay at Angsana Ihuru or Mirihi Island Resort, 5- and 4-star hotels that offer anything you might possibly want from a hotel including a fitness center, spa and a beachfront. The water is wonderfully transparent and the sand is white. You can spend the day admiring the view, visit the coral reef or simply relax at the beach.

New Caledonia Lagoon

This is a World Heritage Site and it’s no wonder since it’s the largest and most beautiful lagoon. The sea is so blue and therapeutic that you can just lie on the beach or swim all day long. Not to mention, there’s a variety of activities to do as well, such as sailing, diving, windsurfing and bodyboarding. Check out some of the special New Caledonia holiday packages and head off to a vacation to remember.

Exuma, the Bahamas

The Bahamas are known for their crystal clear water. You can choose one of the 360 islands it consists of. If you choose Exuma, not only will you enjoy the beautiful beach, but you’ll also be able to see starfish at the Exuma Adventure Center or visit Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park since they’re so much fun.

Cas Abao Beach, Curacao

Being one of Caribbean’s most amazing destinations, Curacao is rich with underwater fauna, which is great for snorkeling. You’d be able to see coral, sponges, and all sorts of fish and turtles. It’s a wonderful view, indeed. where You can rent the needed equipment for this activity at Cas Abao beach. There’s also a bar where you can drink lemonade or iced coffee and relax.

Blue Bay, Mauritius

Speaking of underwater fauna, there’s this amazing marine park in Blue Bay and it has such a variety of colorful underwater life that you can’t even imagine. So, if you’re into scuba diving and snorkeling, don’t miss the chance for this memorable experience. When you get tired of all the activities, stop by Restaurant Le Bougainville and choose a seafood dish, a European menu or a vegetarian specialty, if that’s your preference. They have it all, the prices are reasonable and the taste amazing.

Clear blue sea, sandy beaches and a beach bar are sometimes all we need. You might include water activities, dining and a spa or some other activities, but your main focus should be relaxation. After choosing one of these destinations for your work rehab, you’ll come back feeling better than ever.

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  2. Exuma Cays Land in the Bahamas is a really good place to spend the weekend and holidays, thanks for sharing the useful information and great content!

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