A Bird Control Guide For UK Households

Bird control is a big industry in the UK and needless to say why if you are a resident of the UK. Pest birds like pigeons, crows, seagulls, starlings and sparrows can cause a lot of trouble to property owners if not controlled in an effective yet humane way.

Bird Control Guide

  • Pest bird’s droppings can cause severe health problems, particularly when not cleaned for longer time
  • Birds often leave messes which destroy the visual appeal of the site
  • Birds create noise and ruin your peace
  • Once found a nestling site, birds arrive there again and again finally converting the site area into their own territory, which create many problems for property owners
  • Birds are most likely to eat lawn seed, plant or food in your backyard or garden area

On top of all, birds can nest or roost almost anywhere and their brains are smarter than you actually think. So, adapting to a basic bird control measure such as a professional cage won’t prove to be a good choice.

Scope for bird control

You will find a great variety of bird control products available out there. But not all of them are designed for controlling all types of birds in all conditions. You will need to contact a professional bird control services provider company who can come and visit the job site and recommend the right product for your needs.

Some of the most widely used bird control products in the UK include bird netting, bird spikes, bird trapping and bird decontamination. According to a study, around 99% of the bird control issues in the UK are caused by mainly two bird species – pigeons and seagulls. Both are pest bird species. And thus the demand of pigeon control products such as pigeon spikes and pigeon netting is always highest in the country.

Bird Control for households

There are a few important things to learn before you go on controlling pest birds roosting or nesting on your residential property. Read on.

Find out the reasons or alluring factors that are dragging birds to your place

Instead of directly buying a bird control product, it is wise to first explore the reasons that are attracting birds to your property. Sometimes you simply need to keep your property clean of messes and food leftover to get rid of pest birds.

A flock of birds may attack your garden if they have something to eat there. If you have recently dug up some dirt there, it makes easier for them to find worms in the land and it is this reason that brings them to your place repeatedly or almost every day. So, the best way is to regularly clean your home and its surroundings and make sure there is no holes and void spaces where birds can roost on.

Know which bird species are coming to your property

It is never one product fit all when it comes to controlling pest birds. You need to learn which bird control method best suit for which bird species.

What is the site area that needs to be covered?

This is another important point that will help you choose the right bird control product. For example, bird netting is more suitable for the larger site area while bird spikes are more suitable for smaller coverage area.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are a plenty of other things that needs to be considered before you buy the product.  Call in the bird control professional today and adapt to the right anti-perching device.

Author Bio: Jennifer runs a bird control services provider company in the UK. Their product range includes pigeon spikes, bird netting, bird decontamination and bird trapping.

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