Best Places To Visit in Monsoon In North India


Ask anyone and he/she would ask you to skip monsoon while visiting India. A tropical place like India is expected to be sticky, muddy and constantly in heavy shower during monsoon season. This makes the place more uncomfortable to enjoy outdoor activities or adventure activities.

However, India is a land of diversity. This is the place where you can find almost all kinds of tourist destinations, landforms and climatic condition. There are a few places, which would be at prime beauty during monsoon here. If you are a monsoon traveler, here are the top places to visit in Northern India.

1. Valley of Flowers National Park

This is one of the most beautiful places to visit during rainy season in Uttarakhand. The whole valley will be filled with array of colorful wild flowers. This valley is open only between June and September. The place receives mild showers and the place with be lush with flowers and shrubs. You might also spot a few animals like brown bear, Asiatic black bear, musk deer, blue sheep and others.

2. Mussoorie

This serene hill station is known for its beautiful view of Shivalik ranges, green hills, lush flora and fauna and much more. If you are visiting during winter, this place is a top-notch tourist destination. If you are choosing to visit during monsoon, you are in for a romantic treat. This place becomes the best place for mild hiking and trekking. The place receives mild rainfall and the waterfalls will be at prime beauty. You might not be able to enjoy adventure activities but the romance is guaranteed.

3. Ladakh

Monsoon is the mild season that is followed by the harsh winter season. Every visitor who loves adventure activities wish to visit Ladakh during monsoon. You can enjoy serene locations, monasteries, lakes, palaces, valleys and much more. This is also the right time for yak safari, jeep safari, camel safari and others.

4. Spiti Valley

The best season to visit Spiti Valley is during monsoon season. The landscape becomes lush and beautiful during monsoon season. The high-altitude lakes will be rich with water, if you visit during the later end of the monsoon season. Do not miss a stay in the monastery, trip through Kunzum pass, Pin valley national park and others during your visit.

5. Mount Abu

This hill station is located inside the desert state of Rajasthan. Monsoon has a mild and short-lived monsoon season. However, it is enough to make the water sources including waterfalls to be filled with water. Rainy season adds more beauty to the region. Trekking through dense forests is best during mild showers. The temples and other monuments will be fresh with the latest showers of water. You ought to visit Nakki Lake for a serene time during your stay.

6. Corbett National Park

Yes, spotting tigers and big mammals might be difficult during this season. However, the safaris would be lush and most-beautiful during this season. There is a rumor that the park is closed for monsoon. No, the park is open and you can enjoy all kinds of safaris in Jhirna zone and buffer regions alone. This is the right time to enjoy river rafting, bird watching and fresh photography. Do you know monsoon is the best time for an adventure life in this park?

These are just a few examples of monsoon destinations in North India. Other top destinations to visit during monsoon are Kausani, Pithoragarh, Dalhousie, Ranikhet, Phalodi and others. Monsoon starts in July and ends in September. However, the length and strength of the monsoon season varies with different locations and other factors.

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  2. Wow, Amazing article with a nice moment! I have visited India and South Asia twice. I know India is a very big and beautiful country. Here the author forbids visiting India during the monsoon. We know that India can see all kinds of tourist attractions, landforms, and climatic conditions. Which is not seen in any other country of the world. There is Flowers National Park, which will increase your travel levels. I know people in India love a lot more guests. I am glad to read this article:) Happy New Year 2020!!!

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