Australia – Top Places To Visit

If you want to visit an awesome nation which has among the well-known holiday locations in the world, then you should definitely think about preparing for a holiday in Australia. Many of the tourist destinations here are situated off of its shoreline. Deciding on the best destinations to visit in Australia then becomes hectic as they are so many, vast and far apart.


Sydney is the most suitable presentation of an Australian city. It has Sydney Harbor Bridge, which was built in 1930s. It connects northern and southern suburbs. You will find rocks placed at foot of the Harbor Bridge which is considered as the birthplace of Sydney. Aquarium in Sydney is situated at Sydney harbor and this aquarium has more than 650 species of aquatic animals in it You will be overwhelmed to see 12000 sea creatures moving in aquarium. It has saltwater crocodiles, giant sea turtles and many more

Australia – Top Places To Visit


Melbourne offers various sorts of tourist attractions like sporting events, great restaurants where they serve mouthwatering delicacies, cultural activities and a number of festive events are also organized in Melbourne. After visiting the place tourists feel that it was the tip of the iceberg, what they were known about this beautiful place. Melbourne has Great Barrier Reef; this is definitely the natural wonder and is spread over 2400 km, which is approximately 35 million hectares. This is the largest coral reef in the world and is also marked as the world heritage site Melbourne hotels are available in every range to host tourists.

Purnululu National Park

The Purnululu National Park is home to a wide range of wide animals. It is home to some of world’s rare species of animals such as the red dry land turtle, which is only found only in Australia The whole region covers an area of 240,000 and was originally being used by the ancient people in the wet season when vegetation was bounteous. The Purnululu National Park was started in 1983, making it one of the best kept mysteries ever!

Antony Gormley Sculptures

Scriptures made by craftsman Antony Gormley are one of the greatest exhibitions in the planet. Think about the 51 separately cast dark chromium steel models made against the wall of Lake Ballard’s white salt plain which is the only one of its kind in the entire world. The best time to visit these sculptures is in the early morning or late evening, as the light of the sun creates shadows, giving the statues a more sensational impact.


Brisbane city is considered as the political capital of Queensland State and this city is inhibited at the bank of river Brisbane. It is the third largest populated city and is at the distance of 931 km from Sydney. Among the prominent buildings of this city are City Hall, Parliament House, St John’s Cathedral and many other historic buildings. For you to be allowed to travel to Australia you must apply for Australia visa as the country’s immigration law requires of you

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