An Audi Never Ages, It Just Gets Better

No German car ever goes out of style. If it’s an Audi, it’s never too old to buy.

You have probably heard the adage about how wine never gets old, it just ages well. That’s certainly true of wine, but it’s also true of Audi cars.

If you are honest, you will admit to having ambiguous feelings about buying a used car. After all, if you are about to buy a car, you would rather pick a brand new one. But what if you were offered the chance to buy a pre-owned car that was almost as good as a new one, and at a far more attractive price? Would that influence your decision in the slightest?

What if you were told that the pre-owned car in question was an Audi?

The power of German engineering

German car engineering is the stuff of legend. Sturdy, superior in every way and in a class of their own, German cars have long ruled the global automobile universe in many different ways. Exemplifying the German stamp of excellence is the Audi range of cars. What’s more, the brand extends its reputation to its used cars as well; the world over, Audi pre-owned cars are in high demand for a variety of reasons.

The trend of buying used Audis first originated in Germany, where people change their cars in about five years. Thus, the car they discard is often in reasonably good condition and can be buffed up for resale. This trend holds true in our country as well, where ambitious young Indians like to change their swanky luxury and sports cars in just three of four years. But Audi was quick to understand one glaring facet of the Indian market – Indians like to have complete value for money and are unwilling to compromise on quality, even in a pre-owned commodity. And so was born the idea to sell Indians second hand cars that were in pristine condition. This idea caught on tremendously, and today, Audi pre-owned cars are in high demand from all quarters of the country.

Used Audis That Hide Their Secret Well

Combining the near perfect condition of a trusted German engine and an extremely attractive price tag, Audi used cars are quite a steal. Though used before, the car undergoes a complete transformation to emerge as new: it is subjected to 110 inspection points, rigorous scrutiny and safety testing before it is put on sale. This explains why buyers are hardly ever able to tell the difference between a brand new Audi and a pre-owned Audi: both look and perform as well as each other!

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Every used Audi car is sold to the customer only after thorough internal and external refurbishing. An intensive analysis of the car’s condition is made just after it is sold by the previous owner, while a team of experts gets to work on every problem area. Once all kinks in the machinery and flaws in the exteriors are sorted out, the car undergoes a further series of revamping. Like we mentioned earlier, there are as many as 110 inspection points on the Audi checklist, so there is no way that a defect goes unnoticed.

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Once the car is restored, it emerges as good as new at a price that is simply unbelievable. No wonder Delhi boys are making a beeline for Audi – which other car brand offers so much excellence at such wonderful prices?

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