All The Different Types Of Doors To Consider For Your House in 2021


Whether you’re building a house or planning a home improvement project, you want to know what kind of doors you have and how they can enhance your home.

Interior doors provide privacy, reduce noise, and can also hide untidy rooms or areas. Interior doors come in various styles that make it easy to combine or add existing cladding and finishes to decorating your home.

While you may never realize it, different types of doors are helpful in construction. But not all entries are created equal. Some doors are better suited for specific tasks, the most obvious difference being that some are for indoor use and some for outdoor use.

Different Types of Home Doors in 2021

When buying a new door, it doesn’t matter whether it is helpful inside or outside your home. It cannot be very comfortable to know which door is the best when there are so many options on offer.

From material types to design features, it’s essential to understand what’s on offer when shopping for different doors. Here’s a practical guide for choosing the right door for your home, categorized.

This guide will guide you through the different types of interior Proviadoors so that you can find the best interior door for your home. Choose between plates, accordions, double fold, barn, French doors, and more.

  • Panel Doors

Classic for some reason, panel doors have a square or rectangular pattern in the center. They are popular among homeowners because they are widely available and suit a variety of home decorating styles. The panels themselves are usually of wood or plywood.

  • Glass Doors

While not known for privacy, glass doors are a great way to see your entire yard or the natural flow of sunlight. The glass panels fit the door frame, which is often of wood.

  • Wood Doors

As you can imagine, there are many types of wooden doors – cherry, Douglas fir, oak – but no matter what kind of wood you choose; it’s sure to be classic. Wooden doors are durable for both exterior and interior use and easily accessible anywhere, from a large store to a door shop or local carpenter.

  • Accordion doors

Accordion doors look what you think – accordion doors. These wardrobe doors are best for small spaces because the panels fold on one side of the door, not rotating outwards into the room. They are often of hardwood or veneered vinyl.

  • Battened and ledged doors

This door is often considered the most straightforward and oldest type of door. Although it is widely helpful for temporary buildings, you can see it in bathrooms and farm-style homes. The slats are narrow wooden planks reinforced with skirting boards. These are horizontal boards that are attached to the top, middle, and bottom of the door.

  • Steel Doors

Durable and secure steel doors are a popular alternative to classic wooden doors. They convey an industrial atmosphere and can be helpful for interior and exterior doors. The best part is that it’s usually cheaper and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

  • Fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) doors

FRP doors are made using injection molding technology and are highly durable – said to have ten times the strength of PVC doors – and are available in nearly all colors and styles. They are also built to last, making them a potentially more environmentally friendly choice than wooden doors, which can rot over time after exposure to the elements.

  • Aluminum Doors

Like aesthetics to steel, aluminum is a popular choice for homeowners interested indoors that can withstand intense heat up to several inches of snow. You don’t have to worry about termite stoves with aluminum doors.

  • Bamboo Doors

For homeowners interested in eco-friendly doors, bamboo may be the best choice. Bamboo plants are some of the fastest-growing globally, making them much more sustainable than slow-growing trees. Bamboo doors are not only environmentally friendly but also waterproof, rust, and termite resistant.

  • Iron Doors

You will sleep well at night with the iron doors guarding your main entrance. Not only are they difficult to destroy, but metal doors are also termite resistant and highly durable. Therefore, the investment must be worthwhile.

  • French Doors

These distinctive double doors usually lead into a backyard or a large bedroom. This door is hinged and has a glass panel in a wooden frame.

  • Barn Doors

While sliding barn doors have been around for a long time, they gain traction with their farm décor. These doors hang from the top rail and slide effortlessly from side to side. They usually hide the entrance to the office or wardrobe.

  • Dutch Doors

The Dutch door splits in half horizontally and is ideal for receiving pets in the morning or for screaming at your children when it rains.

  • Pocket Doors

Sliding doors are perfect for entering small spaces in closets or bathrooms and sliding to one side of the wall when opened.


Before looking at a shop, it is essential to know exactly how much space you have available, especially if you consider interior doors for a small house. Beyond the physical space, think about general aesthetics and the use of space in your home. While you love barn doors, it might not make sense to use them as office doors right next to a boisterous living room.

Finally, think about the cost of the materials for your door. Synthetic materials are usually cheaper than heavy metal doors, but metal doors can last longer in the long run.

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  1. Mia Evans says:

    It got me when you said that aluminum doors can withstand heat and the snow even up to high levels of it. I guess I would consider this for the front door. We just need to get it replaced because it is the original door of this property which has been here for about a decade now.

  2. Portella says:

    Hi, thanks! I see that you mention steel doors – apparently they are the luxury standard that are increasingly in popularity by the day.

    They’ve steadily become the standard in which architects design their buildings because the world’s climate in every form is changing- the climate itself, our work environments and the way of thinking about our carbon footprint.

    Although steel doors and windows have always been used throughout history, it has taken on new life in creating more durable homes and more open businesses spaces to create more modern and long-lasting buildings.

    And this is great 🙂

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