Affordable Home Heating Oil in Kent


Winter is fast approaching and if memory serves us right, it’s about time we started making plans to avoid hiked-up prices, shortages, and the brutal cold. Last winter was a rough ride, and from the look of things, the coming one has no immediate plans of changing the tone – if the long-term weather forecasts are to be considered.

Currently, 4% of homeowners in the UK use the home heating oil to warm their space through the winter. Accounting for 60% of the UK’s annual demand of 3.7 million tonnes of heating oil. In the toughest times of last winter, these numbers were enough to put a strain on supplies.

Affordable home heating oil in Kent

It is hard to tell if there will be improvements in the availability of heating oil when the coming winter bites hard, or if the coming winter will be less cold than the previous leading to substantial savings. For now and leading to the winter span, the cost of home heating oil will gradually increase, hence the sooner you stock up the more you save.

Before stocking up, it is important to make checks to your heating system starting at the boiler, and moving on to the insulation set up of your home. Depending on your budget, you’d want to do some or all of the following recommendations: replacements, extra padding and servicing.

Each is as important as the other. Replacements generally involve taking out faulty parts be it the windows or some part of the boiler that cause decrease in efficiency. Extra padding is related to upgrading the insulation set up of your home, it may be changing archaic materials or installing newer insulation materials—for example, loft and foil insulation.

Estimates point out that many boilers currently in use function at barely half their full efficiency. That is a huge hole in your wallet if you are an owner of any of such boilers. Having an OFTEC registered engineer stop over to do a servicing would lead to significant savings for the next couple of winters.

These checks often turn out to be the top savers, as 33% of what is spent on heating is wasted through poor energy efficiency. In addition to the aforementioned tasks, another tipto hold on your fingertips to ensure that home heating oil becomes more affordable to you is temperature regulation.

Your heating system should be precise allowing for discrete selection of temperature levels using the optimal amount of energy. A1ºC reduction in temperature results in you saving 10% of your annual energy bill. Your body might not notice the decrease in temperature, but your pocket sure will notice the savings.

There is home heating oil kent at competitive prices. In addition to home heating oil, kerosene, boiler fuel, gas oil, and red diesel; are also available. These can be provided irrespective of application, be it domestic, commercial or agricultural.

Free quotes are available to quantify your buy. If accepted, delivery trucks will roar to your destination within schedule. Irrespective of your location in Kent, timely deliveries can be made.

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