7 Things To Do In Colombo


Colombo is the capital city of Sri Lanka. This city is the most popular, visited by tourists and local residents of Sri Lanka. Colombo has many things to offer to its visitors and this is the reason most people like to visit the city. There are great historical sites and other incredible features of the country located in Colombo. However, not many people know what activities to engage in when they visit Colombo because the place is big and there are so many activities. Below are 7 things you must do in Colombo if you want to enjoy yourself and create lasting memories.

7 Things To Do In Colombo 1

1. Take a tour of the city

One way to enjoy yourself in Colombo is to tour the city. This will give you an opportunity to see very many things. If you love taking photographs, this is a good way to do so. There are double-Decker buses that offer these services.

2. Golfing

Colombo golf club is very popular for many people. It is a great place to play or learn how to play golf. The golf course is neat and beautiful. If you do not have personal clubs, it is possible torrent some from the club and return them when you leave.

3. Shopping

Colombo is known for having the best stores and malls in Sri Lanka. From these stores, you get the opportunity to buy designer clothes, home decorations and other handmade ornaments. Shopping is a great way to find souvenirs to take back home.

4. Visit the museum

Colombo National Museum is a must visit location. This is because it is the home of some of the most historic equipment in Sri Lanka. In the museum, you get to learn a lot about the country’s culture and see some of their work of art such as paintings and how historic houses were made.

5.Visit the water and amusement park

The amusement park in Colombo is very ideal if you have children with you. This is because they will have a lot of fun here. There are various rides for adults and children to choose from. The other advantage is that there are snacks sold inside the park. This is important because you do not have to carry food for the children with you

6. Get a massage

When on vacation, a massage is something that makes you relax and relieves you of the day to day tension. In Colombo, there are various spas where you can get a massage and other therapeutic therapies. The masseurs in Colombo are trained in various massage skills. They are able to perform shiatsu as well as Swedish massages. Visiting one of this spas will enable you to get an experience of a lifetime.

7. Night clubs and Casinos

During the night, Colombo night clubs and casinos are a great if you want to enjoy the night by dancing or playing a couple of games. There are also clubs that offer all night parties for those who are interested.In order to enjoy these activities in Colombo, you require a Sri Lankan visa if you are not a Sri Lanka citizen.

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