6 Places To Escape From Milan

Whereas most articles about Milan praise its beauty, here you’ll learn how to escape from this business-oriented city devoid of soul and authentic Italian charm.

Although Milan is an ancient city with a rich history and some really impressive historical attractions, nowadays the city has literally turned into a large shopping center here and there diluted with modern office buildings.

If you are in Milan for business or shopping purposes and think it’s time to make a break then you should search for relax opportunities outside Milan borders. Here is the list of the most interesting places located not far from Milan and which can be easily reached by car.

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  1. Bergamo
    Bergamois the most obvious getaway from Milan just in one-hour drive distance. It has a good transport connection with Milan, and it won’t be a problem to get there by train, bus or rental car. In contrast to Milan, Bergamo has a calm and peaceful atmosphere of a provincial Italian town. It attracts many tourists mainly due to its truly wonderful architecture.

6 Places To Escape From MilanThe old town of Bergamo located on the 400 meters height hill is a real time machine that will take you to the middle ages. Almost every building here dates back to 12-16 century. The main activity of the tourists here is wandering through the ancient streets, enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in one of the many cozy cafes and restaurants in the city. And it’s more than enough to take a break from a giant bustling beehive called Milan.

  1. Como
    Lake Como is located in 40km to the north of Milan and is considered a perfect destination for all lovers of the rest in the bosom of nature. Even if you have never been to Italy, you probably have already seen beautiful sceneries of the lake Como in many movies. Among the most famous movies that have scenes filmed at the lake Como are Ocean’s Twelve, Casino Royale and even Star Wars!
    Thanks to the Alps protecting the lake from the north winds, climate here is soft and equable all year round. During the tourist season from May to October, the temperature ranges from +22 to + 28 ° C.  Main attractions of the lake are its beautiful landscapes and numerous ancient villas located on its banks. If you prefer active holiday, Lake Como can offer you various activities horseback riding, windsurfing, golf, tennis, biking, rock climbing and water sports.
  2. Vigevano
    Vigevanois a little gem of Lombardy in only 35km from Milan. This little city with the population of about 60 thousand people can boast of many historical and cultural monuments.   Read:[ Top Things To Do On Your Holiday To Bahrain]

It is here in Vigevano where one of the largest fortified structures in Europe is located. The Visconti-Sforza castle covers area of 36 thousand square meters, which is twice as the territory of Buckingham Palace and six times as the territory of Duomo in Milan. The castle is perfectly preserved and provides a pleasant impression. In general, the city itself is neat and clean and represents a unique way to get acquainted with a completely different Italy without crowds of restless tourists.

  1. Pavia
    Pavia is another interesting city in Lombardy. It’s located in 35 km to the south from Milan on Ticino river.  In the 6-8th centuries Pavia was the capital of the powerful Kingdom of Lombards. It also had a great political significance during the reign of Visconti dukes of Milan, and was one of the largest cities in the region.
    Today, Pavia is a small town with a population of about 70 thousand people and a few historical attractions of the country’s importance. Among them are Pavia Cathedral with the third largest dome in Italy and Pavia University, which is considered one of the oldest ones in the world.
  2. Monza
    Monzais an ancient city standing on the banks of the river Lambro, and is best-known for its autodrome hosting Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix.
    The main historical attraction of the city is its Cathedral that keeps a unique relic – the Iron Crown of the Lombardy. The crown consists of gold plates covered with precious stones. Inside the gold layer, there is narrow band forged from iron of a nail of the True Cross. At least, there is such a legend.  Most German emperors and kings of Lombadry and even Napoleon himself were crowned with the Iron Crown of the Lombardy.
  3. Lugano
    The sunniest city in Switzerland,Lugano, is only in an hour drive from Milan. People visit this city in search of sun and warmth. Whereas it’s cloudy in the rest of Switzerland, Lugano always delights you with a good weather.
    6 Places To Escape From MilanEnjoy swimming in the waters of Lugano Lake even in spring. In addition, there is magnificent nature! The whole sea of flowers in spring, and lush, almost tropical vegetation in summer and autumn.

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The major attractions of the city are a museum of chocolate Alprose, theme park Swissminiatur and mall FoxTown. Alprose is your guide into the wonderful world of chocolate manufacturing. Theme park Swissminiatur has gathered miniatures of all major attractions of Switzerland in one place. Here about 120 models of castles and cathedrals, 18 trains running on about 3 kilometers of railways. Mini Switzerland has also funiculars in the mountains, boats on the lakes and even mini cars one on mountain serpentines. If shopping in Milan wasn’t successful, don’t miss an opportunity to visit FoxTown. It is a large out late with about 130 stores offering a huge range of goods from prestigious brands at producer prices.

Want to dilute your vacation with some physical activities? In Lugano, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for an active vacation from windsurfing and water skiing to mounting biking and rock climbing.

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Solving transportation problems 
Although all cities listed above has good transport connection with Milan, public transport has many inconveniences, and today it cannot be called very cheap. That’s why car rental is so popular nowadays, and huge quantities of new car hire brands continue growing.

Looking for any simple ways to economize on car rental? Than pay attention to the local Italian car hire brands.

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