5 Simple DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas

Giving a gift on Valentine’s Day is a really good way of letting your loved one know that you love them. It isn’t necessary to spend a lot of money in order to show the other person that you like them. You also want to remember your friends on this day and for both situations a DIY gift can be a really good idea. Here are five very simple DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Just check out the perfect DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

1. A Beautiful Vase

5 Simple DIY Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas A Beautiful Vase

Flowers are an essential part of Valentine’s Day. If you want to give some for your Valentine it is a good idea to add a personal element for the gift with a handmade vase.

Get a simple glass vase and decorate it with some hearts. For example, cut some heart-shaped figures from a red cloth. Get some red twine and use a needle to sew the cloth pieces for the twine. Leave a few inches between each cloth heart. Run the twine around the vase, gluing the cloth pieces gently onto the vase.

2. Homemade Honey Jar

5 Simple DIY Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas Homemade Honey Jar
You could also purchase a lovely little jar and fill it with some amazing organic honey. Decorate the jar and create a lovely handmade card that asks the person if he will “bee my Valentine?”. This is a lovely word game that will definitely put a smile on your loved one’s face.

3. A Valentine Bath Bomb

Valentine Bath Bomb

You can also make a lovely homemade bath bomb for your loved one. This is a really nice idea and will allow them to treat themselves during the nice occasion. Pick a nice lovely scent for your bath bomb and make the mixture into a heart-shaped figure.

Get a lovely box to place the bath bombs and surprise your loved one with this amazing simple gift. It will definitely be worth the effort.

4. Little Treats

Valentine Little Treats

Valentine’s Day is also the perfect occasion for enjoying some proper treats. It is a day well known for champagne and chocolates and you can create a nice gift box full of sweet treats. Get a small box and decorate it in a nice way.

Then make some lovely treats to place inside the box. For instance, make a lovely peppermint infusion drink by crushing peppermint candies into little heart-shaped bags. Give this gift together with some ready made Valentine cupcakes and you have a really nice little gift ready.

5. Heart Beanie

valentine Heart Beanie

Another nice way to ensure your loved one stays warm during this cold month is to make a small heart beanie for them. This is a nice simple gift that suits both men and women. Naturally you don’t need to make the beaded section into a heart-shaped one but can use any kind of design you want.

The above five are perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas. Since they also are simple DIY gifts you won’t end up spending a fortune executing these nice ideas. They also really showcase that you put effort and thought for your gift.

So thanks for reading and hope above are the perfect DIY  Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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