5 Good Reasons to Use Polycarbonate Sheets for Greenhouses


While glass sheets are the most preferred form of covering for greenhouses, the usage of polycarbonate sheets as a replacement is growing fast. Unlike the sheets made years ago which had multiple drawbacks including the inability to use them for large scale applications, the recent changes in producing polycarbonate material has added strength to the material.

A recent study revealed that compared to the past decade, the use of polycarbonate sheets for greenhouses is on the verge of overtaking glass and it is becoming the go-to solution for cover material. Such a drastic change occurred because of the wide range of benefits that it offers. The most important ones are listed below; they tell why you should switch from a glass panel to this all-new rage.

Better Insulation

Compared to glasses, polycarbonate has high insulation capacity and can secure the plants within the greenhouse. They offer added level of security to your precious collection and are also capable of retaining the heat secured within the area. Most materials that are used as a covering in greenhousesare inefficient at insulating the point that connect the walls with the roof. While this issue does affect polycarbonate sheets to an extent, it is minimal compared to glasses or other materials that you might use.

Temperature Preservation

For any greenhouse establishment to thrive, maintaining optimal temperature is mandatory. In specific terms, the covering material that you use should have the capacity to capture heat and retain the warmth within the house which is efficiently done by polycarbonate roofs. The material is extremely thick and stronger compared to glasses, which allows it to lock the heat, forcing it to circulate within the area. You can consider using plastic covers to augment the temperature further.


Plastic is thicker than glass and this gives polycarbonate an added advantage against glasses as they can withstand a lot of rugged usage conditions before finally giving away. The material doesn’t crack or break with impact which also makes it easier for professionals to replace it when the time comes. Usually,replacing glass requires professional, while plastic can be replaced by the farmer or the gardener without any safety concerns. Higher durability rendered by these materials provide better value for money as they last long and will not demand periodical replacement.

Efficient Light Distribution

The increased thickness found in polycarbonate materials allow them to distribute light better than glasses do which proves beneficial for the plants stored within the greenhouse. The entire sector within the construction will be better illuminated with sunlight (instead of directly focusing it in the center), which is good for your plants. Naturally, the material also acts as a filter for ultraviolet rays which protects the plants from excessive exposure to radiation. The easy light distribution eradicates a need to invest in additional accessories and gives a posh look to your greenhouse.

Cost Efficient

Using polycarbonate sheets has a slew of advantages such as increased durability, better light dispersion, and easy replacement, among others. The ruggedness increases the life of the sheet which saves you money invested in repeated replacements. In addition, the uniform light dispersion capability of the material lets you avoid investing in additional accessories that are used to distribute light. When the greenhouses are properly covered and illuminated with this material, they tend to help you harvest higher quantities of fruits and vegetables,which will yield you a better income.

At Acrylicsonline, you will be able to purchase polycarbonate greenhouses and other related materials in different shapes and sizes. Another added advantage of polycarbonate sheets is that they are easy to install and don’t require you to search for a professional to do minor repairs. The products are available in varying shapes and even though they are heavily rugged, there are no safety issues associated with using polycarbonate. The plastic material reduces chances of damage and breakage, making it easy to use in greenhouses of any size and shape. You can set it up in your greenhouse in less than a day by getting assistance from your friend or professionals.

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