5 Electrical Renovations That Will Save You Money

Renovating one’s house is one of the best ways to save money, and to increase the value of the home. When it comes to the electrical system in the house though there are certain renovations that should take precedence because of how much they’ll save. Some of them are obvious, others aren’t so obvious. Here are 5 electrical renovations that will save you money.

Solar Lighting

While solar power for the entire home might not be feasible, that doesn’t mean homeowners can’t invest in green energy in a meaningful way. A fairly simple electrical renovation project involves converting outdoor lighting in the garden, patio and front lawn to solar-panel lights. These lights, due to their advantageous position outside, are in a prime place to catch the sun’s rays and to make sure they provide plenty of light without actually running up your electrical bill in the slightest.

An Improved Thermostat

Most homes lose a great deal of power through their heating and air conditioning. The easiest way to fix that issues is to get a smarter thermostat. These devices now have the ability to direct a home’s heat and air in the most effective ways possible. This includes cutting off rooms that aren’t being used, and to be adjusted with an app on a tablet or a smart phone as well. The most advanced thermostats on the market give homeowners complete and total control over their environments, and at the same time they can knock off a large chunk of the electrical and gas bill.

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A Better Garage Door

It isn’t what most homeowners think of when “electrical renovations” comes to mind, but a better garage door is a definite advantage for those looking for a way to save money. A heavy, bulky garage door with an inefficient engine can be costing a homeowner money every time the door opens or closes. Getting a more efficient garage door opener, along with a more efficient garage door many times, can save a lot of money when it comes to the power bill at the end of the month.

Lighting Changes

Even if a home’s interior lights aren’t running off green energy, they can still be re-wired so they’re more efficient. This can be as simple as installing dimmer switches so homeowners don’t use more energy than they need to keep their rooms lit, or it can include the addition of motion sensors and timers so that lights are never left on when someone leaves the room. These are little changes, but they can make a big difference.

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Radiant Heat

Perhaps the biggest renovation a home could undergo, radiant heat is no small thing. However, it makes a home much more comfortable in cold weather, it’s less wasteful than traditional duct heating, and it’s a great deal less expensive over the long run. It’s become more and more popular over the years in new home construction, but installing radiant heat into an existing home is an extremely expensive project because all the flooring has to be opened up (and often times replaced completely for the heating system to work). For those looking for a long term investment though, it’s a good decision.

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