5 Clever Ways To Save Money As A Student


Being a student isn’t as easy as many people claim. You have a lot of responsibilities with people watching over your shoulder and you also know it is the time to have fun and enjoy youth. The problem often is that being a student isn’t easy on the budget either.

To ease up your money worries here are some really clever ways you can save money.

1. House Parties

As a student you want to have fun and be with your friends. Often you end up going out a lot and this will quickly make you spend quite a hefty amount of money.

Instead of going to the local pub all the time or fancy nightclubs organize house parties instead. If you do it together with your friends you can all bring something for the party and make it much cheaper than going out.

Naturally you don’t need to do it all the time and meeting new people is important as well but try to switch some of your night outs for staying in at someone’s flat.

2. Invest In A Printer

You will probably be spending a lot of time printing out assignments. If you choose to do this at the university you will quickly end up paying a lot of money for it. It is much cheaper option to invest in a good printer.

There are some great cheaper options available and you could always buy it together with your flatmates, for instance.

3. Cook Meals Together

Food is a big expense and you need to find ways to guarantee you eat healthy but don’t spend a fortune either. One of the best ways to save is to start planning for your weekly menus beforehand and buy everything you need at once. This way you only get what you need.

You could also think about starting a cooking group with your friends. You can all chip in on the shopping and cook your meals together or by taking turns. This will keep you from spending money on takeaways and it is a nice way to spend some time with friends.

4. Shop Wholesale Clothing

You can also save money buy opting to shop wholesale clothing. There are a lot of great options available on the internet to find cheap and trendy wholesale clothing. This will ensure you get to enjoy clothes and have a lot of them but you won’t break a budget when you’re shopping.

It is even a good idea to order them together with your friends. Ordering with another person allows you to get more at once which is often a cheaper option in wholesale shopping.

5. Use Discounts

Students can often find a lot of great discounts for many shops and restaurants. It is a good idea to register with the National Student Union to get a student card and guarantee you get all the benefits.

Always check with the shop if they offer any discount and try to find places that do.

These tips can help you enjoy your time as a student without breaking the budget and getting in debt. Always plan well and stay on top of your spending.

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